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Various Artists

 A l b u m s

Pop / Rock:
A Very Special Christmas (Special Olympics Productions, 1989)
White Christmas [collection] (BMG, 1991)
The Psychedelic Years 1966-1969 (Sequel Records, 1992)
White Christmas - 20 Beautiful Christmas Songs (Elap Music, 1994)
The very best of Pop Music 1987-88 (Egmont Music Club, 1995)
Best of 70's: Disco (BMG Records, 1996)
A Very Special Christmas 3 (Special Olympics Productions, 1997)
Acoustic Moods (Crimson Records, 1998)
Merry X-mas (PolyGram Records, 1998)
Sei ein Ei! (Flex, 1998)
Best of Woodstock and Flower Power (EuroTrend, 1999)
Best of Disco Music (Eurotrend, 1999)
We Will Follow: Tribute to U2 (Anagram Records, 1999)
Pleasure 2000 - volume 001 summerhits (adessa, 2000)
Golden Romantic Guitar (UR Records, 2006)
Dark Was The Night [Red Hot Compilation] (4AD Records, 2008)
The Pop Years 1970-1971 (Crimson Records, 2009)
The Pop Years 1978-1979 (Crimson Records, 2009)
EMP Music Mag Sampler Vol. III (EMP, 2014)

Flötenkonzerte des Barock (Philips Classics, 1964)
Malagueña - Spanische Gitarrenmusik (Deutsche Grammophon, 1971)
Ein Weihnachtskonzert (Deutsche Grammophon, 1977)
Klassik für Kinder: Karneval der Tiere / Die Geschichte von Babar (Deutsche Grammophon, 1980)
Tanz der Stunden: Opern-Intermezzi & Ballettmusik (Deutsche Grammophon, 1986)
Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti in Concert (Decca Records, 1990)
Classic Festival Vol. 1 (Pilz Recordings, 1992)
Klassik Radio - Klassik and more (Sony, 1994)
Sibelius: Finlandia - and the whole tapestry of Europe (A-Play Classics, 1998)
Mussorgsky: Night on a Bare Mountain (A-Play Classics, 1998)
Händel: Largo - and other golden melodies from the classics (A-Play Classics, 1998)
Blue Classics (Deutsche Grammophone, 1998)
Für Elise - Romantische Klavierstücke (Deutsche Grammophone, 1998)
Piano by Candlelight (Elap Music, 1998)
Star Wars - The Sound of Hollywood (Philips Classics, 1999)
Lautenmusik aus drei Jahrhunderten (Deutsche Grammophon, 1999)
Die schönsten Klassik-Hits Edition Teil 1 (Arte Nova, 1999)
Die schönsten Klassik-Hits Edition Teil 2 (Arte Nova, 1999)
Hummelflug - Ein musikalischer Frühling (Deutsche Grammophon, 2000)
Die ganze Welt der Musik (Deutsche Grammophon, 2000)
Europa Konzert (Quinton, 2000)
Original Masters – The Singles (Deutsche Grammophon, 2003)
25 Golden Classics: The Ultimate Classical Collection - 4CD Boxset (Madacy Records, 2004)
The Best of Brass Bands (EMI Records, 2005)
Ravel: Bolero / Chabrier: España  / Rimsky-Korsakov: Sheherazade (Deutsche Grammophon, 2008)
O sole mio - Italienische Lieder und Lebensart (Decca Records, 2010)

Together (Koch Records, 1995)
Saucerful of Pink: A Tribute to Pink Floyd (Cleopatra Records, 1995)
viennatone (!K7 Records, 1997)
Liebesgrüsse aus Hollywood (Polydor Records, 1999)
Classic vs Hip Hop (EuroTrend, 1999)
The Chillout Compilation 1 (Zoomshot, 2000)
Ministry of Sound: Annual 1999-2000 (Polymedia Marketing Group, 2000)
Space Jazz (Palm Pictures, 2001)
Malfunction (MDMA Records, 2001)
Playground, Vol. 1 (eccho.chamber, 2001)
Popular Electronics - Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories (1956-1963) (Basta Records, 2004)
Goa X Vol.11 (Millennium Records, 2012)

Flamenco - Highlights from Spain (Laserlight Records, 1989)
One World One Voice (Virgin Records, 1990)
Café de Paris (1930-1941) - 24 Accordeon classics from the Boulevards of Paris (Music Collection Intl., 1993)
The Drummers of Burundi (Real World Records, 1993)
Zorbas (Galaxy Records, 1995)
Salsa, Merengue, Mambo! - H"EMI"sphere (HEMIsphere Records, 1995)
Real World Sampler (Real World Records, 1996)
Mambo Explosion! (LaserLight, 1996)
Masters of Flamenco Guitar - H"EMI"sphere (HEMIsphere Records, 1997)
The World at your Fingertips - H"EMI"sphere (HEMIsphere Records, 1998)
Cuba Now - H"EMI"sphere (HEMIsphere Records, 1998)
Flamenco: Son del Sur - H"EMI"sphere  (HEMIsphere Records, 1998)
Brazil Choro: Saxophone why cry? - H"EMI"sphere (HEMIsphere Records, 1999)
Cuba Eterno (Music Collection Intl., 1999)
Earth Vol. 4 (Good Looking Records, 2000)
Highlands - Ispirations From The Islands and Highlands (Warner Records, 2000)
The Story of Cuba - H"EMI"sphere (HEMIsphere Records, 2000)
Radio Havana (Edel Records, 2000)
One World: Lusafrica Sampler (Lusafrica, 2001)
The very best of Cetic Moods (Universal Music, 2001)
Irish Pub Classics (Torc Music, 2002)
Tribal Bahia - The Best of Timbalada (Universal Misic, 2003)
Sirtaki (Topsound, 2003)
Rhytms del Mundo - Cuba (APE Vision, 2006)
Putumayo Presents: World Hits (Putumayo World Music, 2007)
Samba do Brazil (Fox Music, 2011)
An Irish Christmas (Euro Trend, 2012)

Boogie Woogie Vol. 1 - Piano Soloists (Jasmine Records, 1993)
The Very Best of Blues Brother Soul Sister (Dino Entertainment, 1993)
Nothing but the Blues (Hit Records, 1995)
Really Got The Blues (Bluenite Records, 1996)
Boogie Woogie Piano (TKO Records, 1996)
Still got the Blues (Disky Records, 1997)
Late Night Blues [an after hours anthology] (Music Collection Intl., 1998)
The Sound of Blue Grass (Columbia Records, 1999)
The Best of Bluegrass (Delta Music, 1999)
The Great Women Blues Singers (Proper Retro, 2000)
Breathe: The Bluegrass Tribute to the Songs of Dave Matthews (CMH Records, 2001)
Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert (Rounder Records, 2010)

Jazz, Soul:
Free Jazz Festival '92 (BMG Records, 1992)
The Rebirth of the Cool Three (Island Records,1993)
Sax Comes To Dance (Edel Records, 1994)
What Is This Thing Called Love? Cool Love Songs of the 30s and 40s (Past Perfect Records, 1994)
Pall Mall - Blue Moods (Columbia Records, 1996)
New Spirits in Jazz Part 2  (EFA Records, 1996)
Jazz Fusion (Columbia Records, 1996)
In II jahzz IV 3 (Columbia Records, 1996)
Midnight Blue - The (be)witching hour (EMI Records, 1996)
Hot Jazz Biscuits (Silva Screen, 1997)
Planet Jazz Sampler (BMG Records, 1997)
Sweet Georgia Brown - The JAZZ Collection (CMC, 1997)
New Spirits in Jazz Part 3 (EFA Records, 1997)
Basin Street Blues - The Jazz Collection (CMC, 1997)
New Spirits in Jazz Part 4 (EFA Records, 1997)
Big Beat Jazz (Blue Note Records, 1998)
It's Time to Discover Jazz (EFA Records, 1999)
Totally Latin Jazz (Connoisseur Collection, 1999)
Midnight Jazz - The Jazz Ballads Collection (Edel Records, 1999)
The Story of Jazz Piano - Home Commin' (Delta Music, 1999)
The Story of Jazz Piano - Dead Man Blues (Delta Music, 1999)
Jingle Bell Swing  (Spectrum Records, 1999)
Romantic Jazz (BMG Music, 2000)
Verve Today 2000 Vol. 4 (Verve Records, 2000)
Jazzin' Christmas (B.M.C. / Protasis Records, 2000)
Verve Today 2001 Vol. 5 (Verve Records, 2001)
T-Mobile: The Business Lounge Collection (f.i.n.e. Production, 2002)
Thriller Jazz (Verve Jazz, 2006)
Greatest Ever! Soul - The Definitive Collection (Union Square Music, 2007)
Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge (Seven Days Records, 2009)
Smooth Jazz Guitar (Compilation Records, 2011)

Hair (RCA Records, 1969)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Decca Records, 1970)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Ring Records, 1990)
Fiddler on the Roof / Hegedűs a háztetőn (Ring Records, 1996)
Phantom of the Opera (EuroTrend, 1997)
Evita [Don't cry for me Argentina] (EuroTrend Records, 1997)

Russian Easy Listening Music / Русская эстрадная музыка:
Songs of Our Century 2 / Песни нашего века 2 (IVC, 1998)
Blindazh: Sbornik pesen o voyne / Блидаж: Сборник песен о войне (Prof-Music, 2003)
Pesni epohi NEPa / Песни эпохи НЕПа (Bomba Music, 2001)
Lutshie pesni 70-h CD 1 / Лучшие песни 70-х CD 1 (XYZ Records, 2001)
Lutshie pesni 70-h CD 2 / Лучшие песни 70-х CD 2 (XYZ Records, 2001)
Russian Collection: Golden Fond 1956-1972 CD 1 / Русская Коллекция: Золотой Фонд 1956-1972 CD 1 (XYZ Records, 2000)
Russian Collection: Golden Fond 1956-1972 CD 2 / Русская Коллекция: Золотой Фонд 1956-1972 CD 2 (XYZ Records, 2000)
Российские барды. Том 19. Классики бардовской песни («Комсомольская правда», 2010)
Российские барды. Том 20. Барды — новое поколение («Комсомольская правда», 2010)