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Atom Heart

 B i o g r a p h y

Uwe Schmidt (aka Señor Coconut; born in Frankfurt, Germany) is a German DJ and producer of electronic music.

Uwe Schmidt, also known as Atom Heart, as well as a number of other aliases, produced dance music during the first half of the 90s.

In 1994, Uwe started his own label, Rather Interesting with the aim of developing music that doesn't follow the "traditional paths of electronic music".

By 1996 he was thoroughly bored by European dance music and moved to Santiago, Chile to explore Latin music. He quickly adopted the intentionally ridiculous Señor Coconut moniker, and soon released "El Gran Baile", finding time afterwards to do a little remix work for Towa Tei, formerly of the multi-national Deee-Lite.

His next release, in 2000, was the delightful Latin-Kraftwerk fusion of "El Baile Alemán". The album featured several Kraftwerk classics reworked with Latin instrumentation and rhythm. "El Baile Alemán" was intended as a salute to, and a parody of Kraftwerk as evidenced by the intro to "Autobahn" which featured the sound of a car that wouldn't start.

The album was credited to Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto, but the album was entirely the work of Schmidt on synthesizers and samplers, with the aid of three vocalists. It received just enough critical acclaim in the U.S. for Schmidt to put together a short headlining tour. In March, 2001, Señor Coconut, complete with a seven-piece backing band, set off for North America, but visa problems with some of the Chilean musicians forced Schmidt to cancel the tour, but he was able to play in Latin American venues in countries like Mexico. A short U.S. tour is scheduled to commence in 2005.

 A l b u m s

Second Nature (Submeta Productions, 1996)

as Señor Coconut:
Tour de France (multiColor Recordings, 2000)
El Baile Aleman (multiColor Recordings, 2000)
Gran Baile (multiColor Recordings, 2000)
Fiesta Songs (multiColor Recordings, 2003)
Coconut FM (Essay Recordings, 2005)
Yellow Fever! (Essay Recordings, 2006)
Around the World (Pias Recording, 2008)

with Flanger:
Midnight Sound (Ntone Records, 2000)
Outer Space / Inner Space (Ntone Records, 2001)