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New in September, 2021

Currently 5211 albums from 1157 artists archived

 Black Midi: Schlagenheim (Rough Trade Records, 2019)
Black Midi: Cavalcade (Rough Trade Records, 2021)

Jeff Coffin: Commonality (Compass Records, 1999)
Jeff Coffin: The Inside of the Outside (Ear Up Records, 2015)
Jeff Coffin: The Moment of Now (Ear Up Records, 2018)

Fish: Weltschmerz (Chocolate Frog Records, 2020)
Foo Fighters: Medicine at Midnight (RCA Records, 2021)

Steve Hackett: Under a Mediterranean Sky (Inside Out Music, 2021)

Dave Matthews Band: Live Trax, Vol. 45 (RCA Records, 2018)
Paul McCartney: McCartney III (Capitol Records, 2020)

North Mississippi Allstars: Hill Country Revue - Live at Bonnaroo (ATO Records, 2004)

Queen + Adam Lambert: Live Around the World (EMI Records, 2020)

Bruce Springsteen: Letter to You (Columbia Records, 2020)

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