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 B i o g r a p h y

Triology is a funky ensemble of three exceptional string virtuosos who have set out to break through barriers between styles. Their music often involves improvisation, innovative arrangements of composers such as Piazzolla, Paco de Lucia and Morricone and invigorating renditions of ethnic music such as Klezmer, Irish folk, jazz, Minimalist music, Latin, Indian and African music. Around the World with Triology is identical to the repertoire Triology will perform in concert in Australia in June. Trilogy - Aleksey Igudesman (violin), Daisy Jpoling (violin), Tristan Schulze (cello).

They have already once been enthusiastically welcomed in the Festspielhaus, now they are coming back – the virtuoso, classically trained string players of «Trilogy», who bring chamber music into the 21st century in a new and exciting form. With a good dose of humour, violinists Daisy Jopling and Aleksey Igudesman and cellist Tristan Schulze move through classical music, jazz, pop, avant-garde and world music in a brilliant and lyrical way, characterised by a stylistic open-mindedness. At the Festspielhaus, they will tour the world with improvisations on the programme for which they received the «Amadeus Award». In 1992, at the beginning of his era as director of the Leipzig Ballet, Uwe Scholz created a true highlight of neoclassical ballet. The choreography demonstrates his timeless quality, which consists in his high appreciation of the original music and great talent to transform music into dance. Scholz’s «Schöpfung» (Creation) is apparently an absolute dance emerging from the respective musical moment, which, together with Haydn’s oratorio and the respective projected watercolours from Francesco Clemente’s cycle «CVIII Watercolours Adayer», forms an integral work of art.


 A l b u m s

Who killed the viola player? (Reverso Records, 1999)