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Taudi Symphony

 B i o g r a p h y

A fusion of musicians including members from the Malka Family, Made In Paris, Tropical Express and Au Petit Bonheur. Whether it be Jazz, Latin or African, Taudi's harmonious horn section and the expressive piano of Alain Caron always shine's through.

This is the first album from a musical collective made up of members from Malka Family, Made in Paris, Tropical Express and Au Petit Bonheur. They were brought together because of a genuine urge to express themselves in a live context and wiht a creative freedom that is usually compromised by professional concerns. Relfecting Paris and its melting-pot of culture, it draws on influences from South America, Cuba, Africa and is seasoned with a pinh of funk and a large dollop of jazz.

Recorded live with minimal overdubs, the entire project sparkles with harmonious horns and expressive piano playing - Taudi Symphony expresses the true ideal of Big Cheese Records, organic rythms and a sense of humour which counterbalance the gravity of urban life.

Official Homepage: bigcheeserecords.com

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Taudi Symphony (Big Cheese Records, 1994)