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Marillion: Seasons End

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: EMI Records
Released: 1989
Category: Pop/Rock
Producer(s): Nick Davis, Marillion
Rating: **........ (2/10)
Media type: CD
Web address: www.marillion.com
Appears with:
Purchase date: 1997.07.22
Price in €: 10,99

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] King Of Sunset Town (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[2] Easter (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[3] Univited Guest (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[4] Seasons End (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[5] Holloway Girl (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[6] Berlin (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[7] After Me (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[8] Hooks In You (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)
[9] Space (Marillion/Steve Hogarth, John Helmer)

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Steve Hogarth - Vocals
Steve Rothery - Guitars, Photography
Mark Kelly - Keyboards, Digital Remastering
Pete Trewavas - Bass
Ian Mosley- Drums, Percussion

Jean Pierre Rasle - Pipe on [2]
Philip Todd - Saxophone on [6]

Paul Cox - Photography
Nick Davis - Producer, Engineer
Peter Mew - , Digital Remastering
Douglas Brothers - Photography
Simon Metcalfe - Assistant Engineer
Nigel Reeve - Project Coordinator

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

All music written by Marillion, arranged by Marilliion and lyrics Steve Holgarth and John Helmer.

An uneven but still tasty album, it features Steve Hogarth taking over for the irreplaceable Fish.

Michael P. Dawson, All-Music Guide

Der Ausstieg des eigenwilligen Sängers Fish kann Marillion nicht stoppen. Konsequent entwickelt das Quintett den ursprünglichen Genesis-Sound aus der Zeit vor Peter Gabriels Ausstieg weiter. Die Rock-Arien tauchen in Old- fieldsche Instrumental-Tiefen und erzählen, vom neuen Sänger Steve Hogarth eindringlich getragen, melancholisch-hintergründige Geschichten.

© Audio

Nachdem Sänger Fish von Bord gegangen ist, schwimmen Marillion nur noch sel- ten in vertrauten musikalischen Gewässern - obwohl der einstige Kapitän den Kurs vor allem durch seine Texte bestimmt hatte. "Seasons End" plätschert in deutlich softerem, aber auch seichterem Fahrwasser. Geblieben sind die schwelgerischen Keyboard-Klänge und die vertrackten Schlagzeugeinlagen. Vor allem dank des neuen Sängers Steve Hogarth kommt Marillions Kunstrock auf geglätteteren Wogen daher und klingt auch nicht mehr so verdächtig nach Genesis.

© Stereoplay, ** Interpret.: 06-07 Klang.: 06-07

After the departure of frontman Fish, Marillion teetered on the brink of collapse. With his distinct voice and penchant for poetic prose, Fish was the key defining member of the band. Yes, Pete Trewvas (bass), Steve Rothery (guitar), Mark Kelly (keyboards), and, Ian Mosely (drums/percussion) were all behind the curtain helping to pull the strings, it was the charismatic Fish who helped to make the band an identifiable commodity. To replace Fish was one of those unthinkable tasks. One can only imagine how record executives held their collective breath as Steve Hogarth was brought in to take the reins. His first outing with band, 1989's Season's End, would, in one swift stroke, remove all doubts about the band's future. Hogarth's unique and expressive voice is the perfect fit for Marillion. As comparisons, Bono and Steve Perry come to mind. But, like these vocalists, Hogarth's voice has it's own unique timbre. On the full throttle rock assault of "The Uninvited Guest, " or the emotional "After You, " Hogarth's singularity is unmistakable. The heartfelt "Easter, " with it's imaginative electric-acoustic arrangement, is another showcase for Hogarth's talents. Clearly, all of his vocal dynamics and passion are essential for a band that has continued their tradition of writing lyrics with a core social conscience. The ability to write music whose ideals live and breathe in the listener has become a hallmark of Marillion, and, Seasons End offers up its fair share. The melancholic title track, for instance, fleshes out misuse of the environment and it's consequences. On the inspiring "Holloway Girl, " the band dissects the injustice of incarcerating mentally ill female inmates (at England's Holloway Prison) instead of placing them in appropriate psychiatric facilities. The beautiful "Easter" is Hogarth and the band's plea for peace in Ireland. "The King of Sunset Town" has its lyrical roots in the massacre at Tiananmen Square. Hogarth delivers on all of the tracks with his flexible range and beautiful phrasing. Most importantly, though, all of songs score their points. As usual, Marillion finds the right melodies and their arrangements remain interesting and fresh. Sometime during 1999 Marillion released a remastered version of Seasons End, (EMI - 7243 8 57713 2 3) which includes a bonus disc. While the bonus disc is made up of out-takes and alternate versions of the original tracks, it also includes the "The Bell in The Sea, " and, "The Release." Both are strong tracks and are welcome additions to the Marillion catalogue. The shifting winds of rock (and rock radio) in the U.S. have not been kind to Marillion whose style consistently refuses easy categorization. Season's End is no exception. Despite the lack of airplay, Marillion continues to thrive on sheer word of mouth and reputation. On Seasons End the band's decision to incorporate Hogarth paid numerous dividends and ushered in a new era for the band. As the Marillion body of work grows it continues to impress. The peak thus far being 1996's Afraid of Sunlight. Season's End, though, shouldn't be missed either.

Jeri Montesano, All-Music Guide

 L y r i c s

King of Sunset Town

A ragged man came shuffling through
A puppet king on the fourth of June
And butterflies from all around
Settled on his paper crown

A pretty sight it seemed to be
An avenue of eternal peace
But he said 'What is here can soon burn down...
I'm the King of Sunset Town'

Watch a big wheel turning around
Some go up, some go down.
Some go thirsty, some just drown
'That's the law around here'
Said the King of Sunset Town

And in the night he comes to me
And the square becomes a battlefield
Of staring eyes that can't explain
The insanity and the greater game

A ragged man came shuffling through
The corridors of this white place
And as he lay his body down
I saw the scars that lined his face
And injured souls came to his bed
To hear the stories he would tell
Of Butterflies and Summertimes

And everyone assembled here
Remembers how it used to be
Before the 27th came
This place will never be the same
And he said..
'I'm the King of Sunset Town'

Watch a big wheel turning around
Some go up, some go down.
Some go thirsty, some just drown
'That's the law around here'
Said the King of Sunset Town


A ghost of a mist was on the field
The grey and the Green together
The noise of a distant farm machine
Out of the first light came

A tatered necklace of hedge and trees
On the southern side of the hill
Betrays where the border runs between
Where Mary Dunoon's boy fell

Easter here again
A time for the Blind to see
Surely now can all of your hearts be free

Out of the port of Liverpool
Bound for the North of Ireland
The wash of the spray and horsetail waves
The roll of the sea below
And Easter here again

A time for the Blind to see
Surely now can all of your hearts be free

What will you do?
Make a stone of your Heart?
Will you set things right
When you tear them apart?
Will you sleep at night
With the Plough and the Stars alight?

What will you do?
With the wire & the gun?
That'll set things right
When it's said and done?
Will you sleep at night?
Is there so much love to hide?

Sing 'Never again'

The Uninvited Guest

You may not recall the moment that you asked me
But your invitation was clear
You'll pretend you've never met me but it's far too late
Now I'm here

Cause I'm the one who knows what scares you
I'm the one who loves you best
I'm the Thirteenth at the Table
I'm the Uninvited Guest

I'm the Banquo at your banquet
I'm the cuckoo in your nest
I'm you fifteen stone first-footer
I'm the Uninvited Guest

I was there when you said insincere I love you's
to a woman who wasn't your wife
And I fronted you the money that you ran away and blew
On the biggest regret of your life.

Cause I'm the one who knows what scares you
I'm the one who loves you best
I'm the Thirteenth at the Table
I'm the Uninvited Guest

I'm the Banquo at your banquet
I'm the cuckoo in your nest
I'm your New Year's resolution
I'm the Uninvited Guest

I'm the Face you hoped you'd never see
But always knew you would
I'm the on thing you knew you shouldn't do
But did because you could

I'm the evil in your bloodstream
I'm the rash upon your skin
And you made a big mistake alright
The day you let me in

And you could fly to the other side of the world
You know you'd only find
I've reserved the seat behind you
We could talk about old times

Season's End

Getting close to season's end
I heard somebody say
That it might never snow again
In England

Snowflakes in a newborn fist
Sledging on a hill
Are thes things we'll never see

We'll tell our children's children why
We grew so tall and reached so high
We left our footprints in the Earth
And punched a hole right through the sky

We'll tell them how we changed the world
And how we tamed the sea
And season's they will never know
In England

So watch the old world melt away
A loss regrets could never mend
You never miss it till it's gone
So say goodbye say goodbye
To season's end

Halloway Girl

I was out in the cold of a North London street
A cog in the Hurrying world
Above the walls and the gate police
I caught a glimpse of a Holloway Girl

She was reaching out of a window
>From a space just a few inches wide
Till the hand of Justice pulled her back inside.

One day, freedom will unlock your door
So hold on, dream on
Be who you were before

I know how hard it can be to wait
For proof you were right all along
Self-destruction is easy for you
We know what you're capable of

But like a needle in a haystack
The truth gets so disguised
In a kingdom built on madness and on lies

One day, freedom will unlock your door
So hold on, dream on
Be who you were before
In deepes darkness
The faintest light looks bright
So hold on, hold on
It's gonna be alright

You're looking up at a mountain
Between you and the outside
But there isn't a mountain in this whole world
Hasn't been climbed

One day...


The mascara'd blonde from the Berliner bar
Rises at twilight, gets dressed in a daze
Black leather crackles and cold water runs
As she touches the walls of her memory maze

And the shadows of men she has known fill her day
She's held half the world in her arms so they say
But she wakes up without them with a hole in her heart
And she puts on her clothes lives her life behind bars

The mascara'd blonde from the berliner bar
Sighs at the skylight gets lost in the haze
Black leather crackles an cold water runs
As she touches the walls of her memory maze

Someone got stranded in No-Man's land
Dancing in the spotlight to the sound of clapping hands
Nobody knows who's side he was on
It's a risk that you take in No-Man's land
Nobody knows what made him decide
To run for freedom and to certain suicide
When they turn off the guns and his fingers uncurl
He's clutching a photograph of a Berlin party girl

Come in from your checkpoints on your lonely roads
Come in from your ditches in you silent fields
Where intensified light from a rifle sight
Makes the darkness day
And the day too bright

And we wake up without you
We wake up without you
With a hole in our hearts

You mad dog shaven head bottle boy Freaks
In martens & khaki drunk on sake
You stare at yourself in the cruel flush of dawn
Terrified sunken eyed withered and drawn
The Butcher, the Baker, the Munitions Maker,
The Over-Achiever, the Armistice Breaker,
The Free-Base Instructor, the Lightning-Conductor
The Psycho, the Sailor, the Tanker, the Tailor
The Black-Market Mailer
The Quick and the Dead
The Spotlight Dancer
The Quick and the Dead

After Me

There's a line on her jeans
That a ballpoint made
>From a careless mistake
That she can't wash away
There's a heart on her sleeve
>From a spill of red wine
There's a piece of green in blue of her eyes
She named it after me

There's a stray dog she feeds
That she found in the street
And he loves her to hold him
But he won't let her keep him
And he claws at the door
To be let out at night
And she makes do without him
and she worries about him
She named him after me

So if you ever decide
That you have to escape
And you travel the world
And you can't find a place
You could wind up believing
That paradise
Is nothing more than a feeling
That goes on in your mind
So if you ever find out what it is
There's something you could do
Cause if I ever hold that golden dream
I want to tell you
I'm gonna name it after you

Hooks in You

'I feel so strange what's wrong with me'
You've got a problem that you can't see
But I've got a feeling that the rumours are true
I see the girl's go a hook in you

You carry on believing
That you can take or leave it
Now who are you deceiving
Cause when it's own up time
She's in the back of you mind

She's got her hooks in you

You said you'd never let it happen again
You spend your money and you're deeper in
Your fairweather friends call two by two
To let you know what's wrong with you

But now your heartbeat's thumpin'
You watch you nerve ends jumpin'
Well I can tell yo somethin'
When it's own up time
You're gonna toe the line

She's got her hooks in you
She's got her hooks in me too.

The Space ...

On top of the world like a flag on a mountain
Feeling so high you can feel so alone
Unable to breathe at the height that you flew
Staring on clouds with no view of below

On top of a girl like a dream in a hotel
Falling towards something out of control
Unable to miss like the man in the tram
Crashing his car in Amsterdam

He did it without knowing
Didn't feel a thing
Just wrecked it and kept going

The space around the stars
Is something that you know
A billion miles of darkness
Left you feeling low

Everything about you
So perfectly restrained
But everything inside you
Bites you

Everybody in the whole of the world
Feels the same inside
Everybody in the whole of the whole of the whole of the world
Everyone is only everyone else
Everybody's got to know
Everybody lives and loves and laughs and cries
And eats and sleeps and grows and dies
Everybody in the whole of the world is the same this time

 M P 3   S a m p l e s

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