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Marillion: Marbles

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: Intact Records
Released: 2004.05.03
47:34 / 45:20
Category: Progressive Rock
Producer(s): Dave Meegan
Media type: CD double
Web address: www.marillion.com
Appears with:
Purchase date: 2012
Price in €: 1,00

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

Disc one

[1] The Invisible Man (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 13:37
[2] Marbles I (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 1:42
[3] Genie (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 4:54
[4] Fantastic Place (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 6:12
[5] The Only Unforgivable Thing (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 7:13
[6] Marbles II (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 2:02
[7] Ocean Cloud (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 17:58

Disc two

[1] Marbles III (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 1:51
[2] The Damage (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 4:35
[3] Don't Hurt Yourself (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 5:48
[4] You're Gone (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 6:25
[5] Angelina (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 7:42
[6] Drilling Holes (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 5:11
[7] Marbles IV (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 1:26
[8] Neverland (S.Hogarth/S.Rothery/M.Kelly/P.Trewavas/I.Mosley) - 12:10

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Steve Hogarth - Vocals
Mark Kelly - Keyboards
Ian Mosley - Drums
Steve Rothery - Guitar
Pete Trewavas - Bass Guitar

Carrie Tree - Vocals

Dave Meegan - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Roderick Brunton - Assistant Engineer
Michael Hunter - Mixing
Steven Wilson - Mixing
Simon Heyworth - Mastering
Carl Glover - Graphic Design, Photography

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

Mastered at Super Audio Mastering. Written, recorded and mixed at The Racket Club, Buckinghamshire, for the whole of 2002, 2003 and the beginning of 2004 Phew... Take the rest of the day off, Dave...

Marillion surprised the European market by earning Top Ten placings in the U.K. and Holland for its single "You're Gone" in the spring of 2004, but the comeback wasn't hard to figure if you listened to the record, which found the band making like U2, with a martial beat, a sustained, repetitive guitar figure, and Steve Hogarth keening, "You are the light," in his best impression of Bono. Elsewhere, Marbles, the band's 13th studio album in 21 years, for the most part recalled not so much U2 as a more long-standing influence, Pink Floyd. From the album cover and graphics in the CD booklet, which revealed the influence of Hipgnosis, the firm that did the same work for Pink Floyd, to the lengthy closing track, "Neverland," with its echoing vocals, Marillion, a group formed in the shadow of progressive rock progenitors like Genesis and Pink Floyd demonstrated that they had no trouble continuing the tradition. Indeed, leading things off with the slow, moody 13-plus-minutes of "The Invisible Man," Hogarth showed an interest in melancholy introspection to rival anything on Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. The song set the album's tone, as Hogarth lamented his deterioration not so much into an invisible man as, perhaps, a ghost whose former romantic partner cannot hear or feel him. "When you stumble," he wailed, "you will stumble through me." "You're Gone," despite that heroic Edge-like guitar work, continued the moping about romantic disappointment, while "Angelina" found Hogarth praising either a late-night disc jockey or a phone-sex worker, it was hard to tell which. By the time of "Fantastic Place," he seemed to be getting over his depression, however, and in the playful "Drilling Holes," he was even telling jokes ("A girl came to help out in the kitchen/And by the evening/We found we were all washed up"). "Neverland" suggested that the old love had returned or been replaced (maybe by that girl who came to help out) as Hogarth celebrated "Wendy/Darling/In the kitchen/With your dreams." Meanwhile, the band churned out patterned rock music that rose and fell in forcefulness, with only slight regard to the singer's emotional ups and downs. If the result didn't seem to quite live up to the evident seriousness with which it was presented, this was nevertheless a band that knew how to play together cohesively and work up to some rousing climaxes.

William Ruhlmann - All Music Guide

Marbles is the 13th studio album from rock band Marillion, released in 2004. Unlike their previous studio album, Anoraknophobia (2001), which was financed largely by a preorder campaign, it was the publicity campaign that fans financed for the album. Those fans who pre-ordered the album received an exclusive 2-CD "Deluxe Campaign Edition" with a booklet containing the names of everyone who pre-ordered before a certain date. The public release date of the retail single-CD version of the album was 3 May 2004 while a plain 2CD version could still be obtained from the band's website. A limited (500 copy) edition was released on white multicoloured vinyl by Racket Records on 13 November 2006.

The album did not chart in the UK, due to it being packaged with a couple of stickers, which is against chart rules, so despite selling enough for a top 30 position, the album was declared ineligible for the album chart, however its first single "You're Gone" reached #7 in the UK Singles Chart, thus becoming their first UK top ten hit since 1987's "Incommunicado". The follow-up single "Don't Hurt Yourself" peaked at #16. Classic Rock ranked Marbles #11 on their end-of-year list for 2004.


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