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Marillion: Crash Course

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: Racket Records
Released: 2004.05.10
Category: Progressive Rock
Producer(s): Marillion
Media type: CD
Web address: www.marillion.com
Appears with:
Purchase date: 2012
Price in €: 1,00

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] The Damage - 4:37
[2] Neverland - 10:57
[3] Between You And Me (Live) - 5:59
[4] This Is The 21st Century - 11:07
[5] Man Of A Thousand Faces - 7:32
[6] Out Of This World - 7:54
[7] Afraid Of Sunlight - 6:51
[8] The Great Escape - 6:12

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Steve Hogarth - Vocals
Mark Kelly - Keyboards
Ian Mosley - Drums
Steve Rothery - Guitars
Pete Trewavas - Basses

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

2007 CD Racket Records Racket 15B

Are you new to Marillion? Want to check out what they sound like? Crash Course is the ideal way find out for yourself. All tracks included on this sampler album are available on other releases - these are not alternate versions or previously unreleased edits. Crash Course is updated with new releases and new tracks to keep the selection up-to-date with current releases. This current edition was updated to include tracks taken from 'Sounds That Can't Be Made'.


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