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Baptiste Herbin

 B i o g r a p h y

In jazz as elsewhere, the value fortunately not expect the number of years. Twenty-five years only, saxophonist Baptiste Herbin already impressed his world with a first album, Brother Stoon , consisting mostly of original compositions sounding like a first musical autobiography. We could talk about hard-bop to Charlie Parker, sound crisp and ultra- precise. Admittedly Baptiste Herbin has surrounded the leading French specialists who have earlier seen in the young prodigy a kind of rare bird.

Nominated in the 2013 “Victoires du jazz”, young virtuoso Baptiste Herbin has a stunning mastery of all registers, with a liquid-gold sound. His language continues the tradition of Be-Bop.

Baptiste Herbin is part of his love of jazz musicians who study its traditions, he is a fan of Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley and Kenny Garrett, the better to escape or at least give vent to his inspirations . In his first Brother Soon album released in September 2012, the young virtuoso demonstrates his mastery bewildering of all registers of the viola . The high-flying quartet met here sustains his original compositions and a sublime cover of An Island of Brel demonstrating a promising openness …

Official site: www.baptisteherbin.com

 A l b u m s

Interférences (Just Looking Productions, 2016)
Brother Stoon (Just Looking Productions, 2012)