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Christa Fast (1942-2006)

 B i o g r a p h y

Die Schauspielerin Christa Fast arbeitete nach dem Studium (Engl. und Franz.) und einer Ausbildung an der Folkwang Hochschule in Essen an verschiedenen Bühnen, u.a. in Celle, Krefeld, Frankfurt, Bonn und Köln und als Puppeteer in New York beim Bread and Puppet Theater. Sie führte gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann, dem Produzenten Conny Plank, ein Tonstudio in Neunkirchen bei Köln.

Durch die Arbeit mit Musikern und Bands wie Can, Ultravox, Eurythmics, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Cluster, Ideal und Gianna Nannini knüpfte sie Kontakte zur internationalen Musikszene. Daraus entwickelte sich die enge Freundschaft mit Annie Lennox und Annette Humpe.
Da sie wegen ihres kleinen Sohnes und der Arbeit im Studio nicht zur Bühne zurückkehren konnte, erfand sie Geschichten, die sie zuerst ihrem Sohn erzählte. Später begann Christa Fast, diese Geschichten aufzuschreiben.

* * *

Even though it occurred over a month ago, I just very recently heard about the passing of Christa. Sadly,another Light has gone out in the world,and way too soon. I regret that I never got to meet or to communicate with Christa. At one point in time not all that long ago,I had wished to try to contact her somehow to see about the possibility of having a biography written about Conny, and about the amazing history of the studio and about all of those very important artists that were involved there for all those many wonderful years,which are now so many years ago. And of course,the biography would have DEFINITELY included CHRISTA as well,and Stephan. (what an AMAZING EXPERIENCE it MUST HAVE BEEN FOR HIM to have GROWN UP THERE and DURING those INCREDIBLE YEARS and around such WONDERFUL people!) Hopefully,now someone else will seriously consider writing the book I have dreamed of (I am not a writer,unfortunately), and allow it to finally tell the COMPLETE STORY,which would include Christa being there and afterwards, and to finally make it available for so many others, both young and older, to be able to read and to KNOW ABOUT. But,whatever the final outcome, at least the MUSIC WILL ALWAYS LIVE ON, and INDEFINITELY....! THANK YOU CHRISTA and CONNY!

Rev. Stevie Fever (Portland,OR,USA)

 A l b u m s

Die Nixe [The Mermaid] (Roof Music, 2001)