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Albert Franz Doppler (1821–1883)

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Albert Franz Doppler (1821-1883) - Classical Composer. Director of the Vienna Court Ballet. Debuting at the age of 13, Albert Franz Doppler was a successful flutist, composer and conductor. Was working with the German Theatre and the Hungarian National Theatre. His music contains aspects of Russian and Hungarian music and his primary influence in the establishment of The Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra is noteworthy. Doppler arranged Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies. His operas included "Judith" (his only German opera), and a Russian work entitled "Benyovsky".

Albert Franz Doppler was one of the leading flute players and an author of flute music in the Romantic era.He was the son of an oboe player, Joseph Doppler, who was also a composer. Franz made his debut as a flutist at the age of 13. He formed a flute duet with his brother Karl, four years younger. They toured, then both became members of the orchestra of the German Theater in 1838, and both moved to the Hungarian National Theater in 1841.

Franz composed an opera, Benyoszky, that was produced in 1847 at the theater. He wrote four more Hungarian operas in the next ten years, all produced at the theater with great success. Meanwhile, Franz and Karl continued to make regular tours of Europe. They also helped found the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra in 1853. Franz gave some help to Franz Liszt when the latter was just learning to orchestrate. Liszt gave Doppler such generous praise as a collaborator on the Hungarian Rhapsodies that some authorities list Doppler as the orchestrator of some of them. Eventually Franz settled in Vienna, teaching at the Conservatory and conducting the ballet of the Imperial Opera. He wrote lively ballet music and popular orchestral works, and flute music that is still happily played and heard.

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Works for Flute (Pannon Classic, 1994)