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Bridget Kelly Band

 B i o g r a p h y

Inspired by classic and electric blues, the Bridget Kelly Band has placed their unique stamp on the blues-rock genre; with high energy live performances and a hybrid sound that mixes Texas Blues with various Southern Blues traditions. The sultry vocals of singer Bridget Kelly and incendiary lead guitar work of Tim Fik forge a signature sound that combines female urban blues with dynamic riff-driven blues; all held together by a rugged rhythm section that features Mike Hamm on the Fender bass and Michael Barady on drums.

With the recent release of their "Forever in Blues" CD (June, 2014) the group gained serious media attention and positive reviews from the music critics in the U.S. and U.K. The album, which contained all original songs, was a top-4 pick by the International Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) in August, and charted regularly on the Roots Music Report (RMR) Top-50 Blues chart from mid August through October (reaching the #14 spot, the week ending October 20th). The "Forever in Blues" CD climbed to #2 on the State of Florida RMR chart and reached #1 on the Blues Debut chart, where it remained for two weeks running (week ending October 6th). The band's music also charted on the Blues411.com Chef Jimi Patricola's Baker's Dozen of the Blues chart (reaching #5 the week of November 17, 2014) and held steady at the #1 position on the Gizmo Media Stations Blues-102 IBC Blues music chart.

Music from the Bridget Kelly Band has reached the playlists of DJs hosting syndicated Blues Radio shows around the globe.

With special thanks to Tony Colter at Sirius-XM radio for playing our music on the "Blues Report" and on the Blue-rcok show "Stone Blue", Chop at Blues Debut (Chophouse rules!), Dave Raven & the Blues, Ashwyn Smyth, Tony Corner, Iain Patience, John Blueshammer, Peter Bluezzman, Kevin Beale, Kool Breeze, Kevin Black, Kathy Forste at Kansas City Cafe Radio, Brent Morrison at the Rockin’ Blues Show, Paul Bragin, Phil Thickpenny, xenicusmusic radion, UK Bob, Bruce Edwards, Captain Jack, Massimo Ferro, Bill and Pat Hudson and the Good Morning Blues DJs in Atlanta Geaorgia, Rose Genduso, ATC - At the Crossroads Radio show, Gil Anthony - Blues Power (Dothan Alabama), David James & Patrick Sheehan WNIU radio, DJ Yorkie, Sunshine Sonny Payne (King Biscuit Time, KFFA, Helena Arkansas), Manfred at Bluestime radio, Trish Lewis at the Electic Chair, Bluzndablood Dave, Michael Abbott - Mojo Radio, Cool Hand (Cool Hand's Juke Joint), Mike Kappas, Jack Hemming, Jerry at BluesAxeradio, Pippo, Switch Dunmow (the Blues Club), Putney Thomas, BartMan, IMan, Dave Watkins, “Confessing the Blues” Cleve Baker, Digital Blues, Mother Road Blues show, Vagabond blues, Red, White & Blues, Norma Martinez at KTEP, Chris Helm, Tangled Up in Blues, Galaxie Radio, ABS radio, Antonio Silva, Erhard Albrecht at Radio Weser, Heather Buckley & Dottie Dillard at Radioidl/Tulsa, Cascade Bluess Association, the Atlanta Blues Society, Sun Coast Blues Society, Markus Reimer, Rock the Blues radio, Jim and Malcolm at the Blues Club, Blues411.com bluesman Chef Jimi Patricola, Wild Bill Kenton at Blues 102 (Gizmomediastations.com), Red Hot Blues radio, Blues Corner Radio - JC Spinner, AC Scott, Joe Cupp, and Sanny, Norman at Radiothrills, Nigel Thorne, Ian McKenzie and all of the rest of the IBBA radio show broadcasters... too many to mention... and anyone we may have forgot. We thank you one and all... for supporting Independent Blues Artists and music from Independent Blues Labels; and for all you do in helping to keep the blues alive!

Playing the clubs and festivals throughout the Southeast, the Bridget Kelly Band has shared the stage and the bill with numerous national blues touring acts including Albert Castiglia, BMA award-winning bassist Biscuit Miller and the Mix, the Jeff Jensen Band, Selwyn Birchwood, Brandon Santini, Selwyn Birchwood, and Victor Wainwright.

On September 7th, 2014, the Bridget Kelly Band won the North Central Florida Blues Society (NCFBS) Blues Challenge. The band will represent the NCFBS at the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, January 2015; bringing their show and original music to the clubs on Beale Street.

The Bridget Kelly Band are active members of the North-Central Florida Blues Society (NCFBS) and the Atlanta Blues Society.

On September 7, 2014, the Bridget Kelly Band won the NCFBS Blues Challenge and will be going to Memphis in January of 2015 to compete in the International Blues Challenge.

Official site: www.bridgetkellyband.com

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Back in the Blues (Alpha Sun Records, 2013)
Forever in Blues (Alpha Sun Records, 2014)