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Beady Belle

 B i o g r a p h y

Beady Belle is a result of collaboration between Beate S. Lech and Marius Reksjø which began at the University of Oslo. As music students the two started playing together in bands such as “Insertcoin” and “Folk & Røvere”, a project where Beate was the lead singer up until their third album (1999).

In 1999 Beate was asked by Bugge Wesseltoft to make a record for Jazzland rec. He gave her freedom to make the record she wanted. Beate ment that the best way to really make a record of her own, was to make it completely by her self; composing, arranging, text writing, programming, recording and producing. Since she had a studio at home, she would do as much as possible there, on her own Macintosh computer.

After a while Marius contributed more to the creation of the record. Dividing up the labour, Marius took care of the groove elements and Beate was in charge of the melodies, harmonies and lyrics, with some exceptions both ways. Since the work was done in private surroundings, the record was entitled “Home”. Most of the recordings were done in Beate’s 6 meters flat in Oslo except for the strings, vibraphone and drums, which were done in Bugge’s room.

Because of the co-operation between Beate and Marius, the project name “Beate S. Lech” was abandoned and “Beady Belle” was created. Beady Belle worked concretely with this record product for one and a half years.

"Ghosts" became Beady Belles first promo single in Norway. It was played a long time on the national radio. "Lose and win" was the next single. That was also played a lot. The first international single was released in May 2001. That contains the songs "Ghosts" and "Moderation".

Beady Belle's first album, "Home" was released all over Europe and also in Japan, Korea and Canada during the summer 2001. Later it was also released in Australia. Beady Belle got "European Priority" by Universal International.

After the release of the "Home" album, Beady Belle has traveled around the world performing their music (check "Updates). It seems like the ball has just started to roll for Beady Belle, because this year, 2003, the number of concerts are already multiplied, and even more tours are being planned.

The work with cd number 2, "CEWBEAGAPPIC" started the spring 2002. This time Beady Belle didn't work at home, but in a studio. But also this time Beate and Marius have done everything by their own - off course with a lot of help from many good musicians. Among other has the Beady Belle live band played on the whole new cd. CEWBEAGAPPIC has already been released, early in April, in Japan, Germany and Australia. In Norway, UK and many other European countries, the release will be in May.

The first international single this time is "Bella"

The title, CEWBEAGAPPIC, is a try to describe Beady Belle's music. Since they couldn't find the word in the dictionary, they made the word them selves.

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Cewbeagappic (Emarcy Records, 2003)