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Rick Wakeman: Natural World Trilogy

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: Master Music Records
Released: 1999.05.04
61:17 / 60:52 / 60:14
Category: Classical
Producer(s): Rick Wakeman
Rating: ********.. (8/10)
Media type: CD Triple
Web address: www.rwcc.com
Appears with: Yes
Purchase date: 2002.05.25
Price in €: 15,99

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

Disc 1: The Animal Kingdom
[1] The Snow Leopard (R.Wakeman) - 7:17
[2] Tuatara (R.Wakeman) - 7:19
[3] The Desert Lizard (R.Wakeman) - 8:00
[4] The Pond Skater (R.Wakeman) - 7:42
[5] Lacemakers (R.Wakeman) - 6:32
[6] The Salamander (R.Wakeman) - 5:56
[7] Chameleons (R.Wakeman) - 7:15
[8] The Christmas Wren (R.Wakeman) - 6:16
[9] The Chrysalis (R.Wakeman) - 5:09

Disc 2: Beneath the Waves
[1] The Spider Crab (R.Wakeman) - 6:29
[2] Sea Green Turtles (R.Wakeman) - 9:21
[3] The Coral Reef (R.Wakeman) - 6:31
[4] Sea Urchins (R.Wakeman) - 8:09
[5] Angel Falls (R.Wakeman) - 6:09
[6] The Minerva Terraces (R.Wakeman) - 6:25
[7] Mono Lake (R.Wakeman) - 8:00
[8] The Sun Dew (R.Wakeman) - 5:26
[9] The Queen of Gems (R.Wakeman) - 4:32

Disc 3: Heaven on Earth
[1] Pacific Paradise (R.Wakeman) - 8:15
[2] The Olgas (R.Wakeman) - 7:21
[3] The Tower of Guilin (R.Wakeman) - 7:44
[4] Teneya Creek (R.Wakeman) - 6:30
[5] The Laguna Colorado (R.Wakeman) - 6:51
[6] The Alpine Snowbell (R.Wakeman) - 5:35
[7] Mitre Peak (R.Wakeman) - 5:09
[8] Pammukale (R.Wakeman) - 7:45
[9] The Painted Desert (R.Wakeman) - 5:13

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

RICK WAKEMAN - Arranger, Keyboards, Producer

ROGER BODEN - Digital Mastering

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

1999 CD Import 7101
2002 CD Master Music Ltd. 220284-369

Recorded at the Bajonor Studios, IoM in the summer of 97

Well within the genre of new age, The Natural World Trilogy is Rick Wakeman's attempt at uniting all of the earth's tranquil elements and translating them through the use of his keyboards to produce relaxing and overly sedative music. Broken up into three separate discs entitled "The Animal Kingdom," "Beneath the Waves," and "Heaven on Earth," Wakeman's somewhat bland compositions cease to create any type of melodic fluctuation. True, the purpose of the album is to release stress and tension, but this shouldn't be accomplished by sacrificing the potential energy that can be released from the keyboards, even in it's most subtle forms. Not only does this album suffer from its stereotypical new age construction, but it lacks the depth that Wakeman usually applies to his music, which is prevalent on other albums of this type. When dissected even deeper, each separate CD fails to harbor any distinguishing characteristics. Only the second disc, meant to represent the world beneath the sea, contains any slight differentiation in flow or pace. Wakeman's other new age series known as The Aspirant Trilogy holds more fluency and musical radiance than all of the three discs that comprise this album. The Art in Music Trilogy is another of his new age collections that is constructed in the same manner as The Natural World Trilogy, but contains a much more compelling musical makeup.

Mike DeGagne - All-Music Guide, © 1992 - 2002 AEC One Stop Group, Inc.

This trilogy consists of 3 separate discs called "The Animal Kingdom"(inspired by the animal world; I thought this is also a very cruel world before hearing this), "Beneath the Waves"(inspired by the sea world) and "Heaven on Earth" based on some peaceful aspects of the nature. The first disc seems to be musically less interesting than the other ones. I guess the music here should be understood more as a functional relaxating background matter. It seems to me that "The Art in music trilogy" provides some more valuable musical themes than this one. The kind of music and artwork are very similiar on both Trilogies so they could've become a 6CD-Box as well.

Zbigniew Zielinski on 08/10/1999

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