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Rick Wakeman: Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: A&M Records
Released: 1977.11.15
Category: Progressive Rock
Producer(s): Rick Wakeman
Media type: CD
Web address: www.rwcc.com
Appears with: Yes
Purchase date: 2012
Price in €: 1,00

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Statue of Justice (R.Wakeman) - 6:20
[2] Crime of Passion (R.Wakeman) - 5:46
[3] Chamber of Horrors (R.Wakeman) - 6:40
[4] Birdman of Alcatraz (R.Wakeman) - 4:12
[5] The Breathalyser (R.Wakeman) - 3:51
[6] Judas Iscariot (R.Wakeman) - 12:15

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Rick Wakeman - Arranger, Clavinet, Composer, Computers, Electric Harpsichord, Fender Rhodes, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Mini Moog, Organ, Hammond Organ, Piano, Pipe Organ, Polymoog, Producer
Chris Squire - Bass
Alan White - Drums
Frank Ricotti - Percussion
Bill Oddie - Vocals on [5]

Mike Egan - Guitar

Ars Laeta Choir of Lausanne, Switzerland:
Robert Mernoud - Conductor
Marlyse Berney - Alto (Vocals)
Andre Borboen - Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel Borgeaud - Tenor (Vocal)
Raphael Bugnon - Tenor (Vocal)
George Caille - Bass (Vocal)
Francoise Cardinaux - Soprano (Vocal)
Samuel Chetrit - Bass (Vocal)
Anne Claude - Alto (Vocals)
Claudine Corbaz - Soprano (Vocal)
Francoise Cottet - Soprano (Vocal)
Liliane DeBerville - Alto (Vocals)
Roland Demiville - Bass (Vocal)
Christiane Durel - Alto (Vocals)
Lise Dutray - Soprano (Vocal)
Bernard Dutruy - Tenor (Vocal)
Francoise Emery - Tenor (Vocal)
Jean Michel Favez - Bass (Vocal)
Piere Alain Favez - Bass (Vocal)
Annette Fonjallez - Soprano (Vocal)
Christine Frehholz - Alto (Vocals)
Eliane Henchoz - Soprano (Vocal)
Josianne Henn - Alto (Vocals)
Pierre Humbert - Alto (Vocals)
Janine Isaaz - Alto (Vocals)
Jean Maurice Juvet - Tenor (Vocal)
Yves Lamberey - Bass (Vocal)
Claudine Mange - Soprano (Vocal)
Nicole Metraus - Alto (Vocals)
Daniele Meystre - Soprano (Vocal)
Charles Moinat - Tenor (Vocal)
Rene Monachon - Tenor (Vocal)
Claude Alain Morasini - Bass (Vocal)
Anne Catherine Noinat - Soprano (Vocal)

Pat Lawrence - Executive Producer
Pat Lawrence - Executive Producer
John Luard Timperley - Engineer, Mixing
Dave Richards - Engineer
David Richards - Assistant, Engineer
Gavin Lurssen - Remastering
Brendan Morris - Master Tape Research
Jim McCrary - Photography
Heather Whitten - Product Manager
Mathieu Bitton - Design
Chuck Beeson - Design, Visual Concept
Michele Horie - Art Direction, Production Coordination
Roland Young - Art Direction
Dana Smart - Reissue Supervisor

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record is the seventh studio album by English progressive rock keyboardist Rick Wakeman. Released in 1977, the album is a loosely-based concept album on criminality. Wakeman intended the record to be similar to his first conceptual release, The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1973), but it did not turn out as he wished. The album is entirely instrumental, with the exception being "The Breathalyser" in which Bill Oddie, one third of the comedy trio The Goodies, provides vocals. The record features Chris Squire and Alan White of Yes fame, on bass guitar and drums respectively. From a musical perspective, the music reflects the title of each track, similar to Six Wives.

This was always a loosely based concept album that was recorded in Switzerland with Alan White on drums and Chris Squire on bass. The album never really turned out as I wanted it to except perhaps for the Judas Iscariot track. The drums and bass were recorded after the keyboards and they did such an excellent job that I wanted to redo some of the keyboards again and change a few things I'd played....but there were no tracks left and no money either.

Rick's Perspective

Within the same year of re-joining Yes for 1977's Going for the One, Rick Wakeman released yet another solo instrumental concept album. Criminal Record, Wakeman's sixth album in five years, involves six tracks that instill Wakeman's keyboard wizardry to both fictional and historical accounts of punishment, villainy, and crime. With help from both Chris Squire and drummer Alan White, Wakeman managed to land the album within the U.K. Top 30 before the year's end, even though it fell well beyond the Top 100 on the U.S. album charts. Wakeman does a great job at sketching each theme with an appropriate dose of keyboard fire, with "Judas Iscariot" and "Crime of Passion" arising as two of the album's most potent tracks. Wakeman's employment of a Swiss Choir for "Judas" presents it with a wonderful pastoral feel, emphasizing the character's struggle between good and evil while toning different portions of the tracks with light and dark, as well as heavy and soft keyboard segments. Because there are only six cuts on the album, the concept in which Wakeman tackles never strays too far, and even in some of the less grandiose tracks like "Birdman of Alcatraz" or "Chamber of Horrors," there's a lingering sense of Wakeman's ideas hiding somewhere within his rock-infused keyboard styles. Although it may not be as musically dynamic or as instrumentally moving as his earlier concept pieces like Myths and Legends of King Arthur or Six Wives, he still manages to be both effective and entertaining throughout the length of the album, and, more importantly, his thematic intention is strongly held together without any vocal involvement.

Mike DeGagne - All Music Guide

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