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Vienna Scientists

 B i o g r a p h y

It has been a bit quiet in the last years regarding the Vienna Scientists but that does not mean they were not active. Twenty releases, which have reached a cult status, cannot only be heard in exclusive circles. Top Scientist Jürgen Drimal has been using the time to give the label a fresh uplift. The merger with the Viennese Music Company Sunshine Enterprises has been sealed. After Remix editions of the jazz singer Mark Murphy, the new Vienna-Scientists V Compilation will come out in May. But most important of all, the Scientist Clique of Jürgen Drimal is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Vienna Scientists. In times of widespread moaning about the music business it can be seen as a great success. Jürgen Drimal and his long-term project have turned their modesty into a virtue and made the global club scene a place of their own.

They know each other, DJ together, remix, producing for each other and party together. With the long friendship to the Sunshine Enterprise Team, which has two clubs and bars as well as a restaurant, it was no wonder that they decided to come together on a permanent basis. Since 2008 the new Sunshine Enterprises Musikproduktions GmbH is resident in the City center of Vienna. This was not a mistake but intention. The Vienna Scientists and their new Partner is planning to take over the musical world. From here they have already started to cast their creative spell with the Radio station 98.3 Superfly, which went on air on the 29 February. Jürgen Drimal is the connoisseur behind the musical taste of the station. In months of hard work he has digitalized over 10,000 songs of his collection, to spice up the airwave menu with rarities from Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco. Viennese style at it’s best.

Dancefloor and song instead of trampled upon, with a feeling for the depth and warmth of soul. That is the Vienna Scientists 2008. Electrified and exhilarating tunes can be found in every track of the new compilation. Lounge and TripHop were the 90s, Viennese Soul sound is now.

The name that carries the label is Freedom Satellite – the friends Gernot Ebenlechner and Jürgen Drimal, who are bringing out their new album at he end of the year. The other passenger has now been named officially: Stefan Obermaier, the man for Funk und Deepness. Quality is in the pole position for all three. When the boss of the label Drimal says this is the first time he has come close to perfection then this is also a clear declaration for the future of the label: „Deliver quality and you’ll last long“.

The label has been a platform for contemporary electronic music beyond the Austrian borders ever since it was set up. Vienna Scientists Recordings is the basis and interface for various different music cultures. They have worked hard to build up this worldwide reputation over the last 10 years. Acts like Freedom Satellite, The Menheads and Shanti Roots have been played by every renowned Genre-DJ. Projects like A Family Affair and Human Fly are a further display of the music manifold of the Vienna Scientists. The cultural and musical backgrounds of each of the musicians are the common denominators.

Jürgen Drimal is music mad. His commitment and his charisma has been the backbone of the Vienna Scientists. Lets look back to the 80s. With the help of his neighbour, the famous jazz drummer Idris Muhammad, Drimal developed his love of all types of Black Music (Soul, Jazz, R’n'B, Brazil, Latin, Funk, Afro, etc.). Even up to today the producer and DJ has a great passion for finding good music. As a label manager and Head of A&R for Vienna Scientists Recordings the founder has been on the lookout for fresh talent as well as exclusive tracks of established musicians. The 34 year-old is personally responsible for the compiling of the music of the Vienna-Scientists. That is why the subtitle is called „Jürgen Drimals Visions in Music“. He is a DJ that understands his craft from professional warm-ups with a sense of Soul-Jazz to heat-ups, only satisfied when every arm is trying to touch the ceiling.

Whether for nostalgic, trendy or acoustic reasons the Vienna Scientists produce not only CDs but also vinyl records. There are feelings of voices or the sound of instruments of lost details which contribute to the real good warm and living sound of a vinyl in comparison to a digital carrier. That is why the vinyl record is still the best tool of a DJ performance. “By recognizing the real sound of a record you can develop a special access to music”, says the record collector whose musical roots began by buying some Motown-LPs.


Official Homepage: www.viennascientists.com

 A l b u m s

Vienna Scientists I (Columbia Records, 1998)
Vienna Scientists II - More Puffs from our Laboratories (Columbia Records, 1999)
Vienna Scientists III - A Mighty Good Feeling (Columbia Records, 2000)