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 B i o g r a p h y

No doubt, the uplifting joys of paternity had a great influence on the album. An equally important factor in the creation of 'J.A.C.' is the fact that Tosca has become a proper band. In 2003 and 2004, Tosca had their debut as a live band. Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister on sampler, piano and guitar, supported by a drummer, a bass player and a percussionist. On the microphone, the singers of Tosca, Earl Zinger, MC Farda P and Graf Hadik gleamed. The audiences lucky enough to witness the live shows went nuts.

It?s this live experience and the increased interest in the digitally untouched sound of real instruments that marks the sound of the new Tosca album the most significantly. It's there right in the first two or three tracks, besides the characteristic Tosca mood the sound vibrates from liveliness. A liveliness that most of all emerges from jamming.

In the digital age, jamming has become an almost forgotten form of musical interplay which Huber and Dorfmeister cultivated more than ever for 'J.A.C.'. It's not only shown through the selection of instruments which Huber and Dorfmeister played but most of all, the sampler as the central instrument was put aside and replaced by the flexible techniques of hard-disk recording: a technique which allows you to record music in many takes out of which in post-production the best passages can be edited. It is an ideal device for capturing magic musical moments.

Moreover, there are new voices on 'J.A.C.'. The Egyptian-French singer Samia Farah from Paris sings with her Billie Holiday-esque voice on the wonderful 'Heidi Br?hl'. Chris Eckman, lead singer with Seattle based band The Walkabouts sings on 'John Lee Huber', a track for which Eckman paraphrased a John Lee Hooker-Song on Rupert Huber. Additionally ? as heard on Delhi 9 ? the former Rockers Hi-Fi MC Farda P, London's Earl Zinger and the Austrian rock legend Graf Hadik appear on the microphones.

 A l b u m s

Opera (G-Stone Records, 1997)
Suzuki (G-Stone Records, 2000)