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Texas: Jump on Board

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: PIAS Recordings
Released: 2017.04.21
Category: Pop/Rock
Producer(s): Johnny McElhone
Media type: CD
Web address: www.texas.uk.com
Appears with:
Purchase date: 2017
Price in €: 1,00

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Let's Work It Out (A.Bjornsson/J.McElhone/J.McElhone/S.Spiteri) - 3:42
[2] Can't Control (A.Bjornsson/J.Flanagan/J.McElhone/J.McElhone/S.Spiteri) - 3:43
[3] For Everything (A.Bjornsson/J.McElhone/J.McElhone/S.Spiteri) - 4:32
[4] It Was Up To You (A.Bjornsson/J.McElhone/J.McElhone/S.Spiteri) - 3:18
[5] Tell That Girl (J.McElhone/K.Overton/S.Spiteri) - 3:26
[6] Sending A Message (A.Bjornsson/J.McElhone/L.Spiteri/S.Spiteri) - 3:10
[7] Great Romances (J.McElhone/K.Overton/S.Spiteri) - 3:28
[8] Won't Let You Down (I.Watts/J.McElhone/S.Spiteri) - 4:59
[9] Midnight (J.McElhone/J.McElhone/K.Overton/S.Spiteri) - 3:18
[10] Round The World (A.Bjornsson/J.McElhone/J.McElhone/S.Spiteri) - 3:46

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Johnny McElhone - Bass Guitar, Producer
Sharleen Spiteri - Vocals, Guitar
Tony McGovern - Vocals, Guitar
Eddie Campbell - Keyboards
Ally McErlaine - Guitar
Jack McElhone - Guitar
John Goldie - Guitar
Ross Hamilton - Guitar
Ross McFarlane - Drums
Karen Overton - Vocals
Angelica Bjornsson - Musician, Engineer
Chris Gordon - Musician, Engineer
Michael Bannister - Keyboards, Engineer
Emily Ward - Musician
Ian Watts - Musician
Simon Nilsson - Musician
Stuart McCreadie - Musician

Sonia Cromarty - Cello
Kirsty Orton - Violin
Kobus Frick - Violin
Mary Ward - Violin
Stephanie Brough - Violin

Craig Silvey - Mixing
Max Prior - Assistant Mixing
Frank Arkwright - Mastering
Henry Thomas Lloyd - Design
Kate Stephenson - Design
Tom Beard - Photography
Alan Connell - Management
Alistair Norbury - Management
Derek Birrell - Management
Rab Andrew - Management

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

Jump on Board is Texas' first full-length collection of new material since 2013's The Conversation - 2015's Texas 25 was an anniversary celebration largely dedicated to re-recordings of old songs - and if Texas don't push boundaries here, there is some appeal in how they settle into their groove. The biggest shift is how the group accentuates its smooth soul with a heavy dose of subdued disco. It's not enough to refurbish Texas' by now reliable blend of upscale pop and classic soul, but it does provide a glossy new coat of paint to a cozy, familiar environ, which is enough to make Jump on Board a bit of a reassuring listen: it doesn't surprise but it doesn't seem stuck, which gives the album a mellow appeal.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine - All Music Guide

All good bands have their moment. For Scottish band Texas, it was the turn of the millennium. Their combination of effortless, high-class - if not always demanding - pop and Motown-influenced stomp helped fill the post-Britpop vacuum, and sold bucketloads (35 million, count ‘em) of records before seeming to run out of gas, as British buying tastes turned back to more rockist wares as peddled by likes of the Strokes and the Libertines and the sub-Radiohead stylings of Coldplay and Travis.

Since that heyday, the band has been on an extended break, with their lead singer and charismatic face Sharlene Spiteri embarking on a limited solo career. But, following guitarist Ally McErlaine’s near-death from a brain aneurysm, they reunited in 2013 and seemed to have rediscovered their mojo, if not quite hitting the heights and popularity of their golden period.

For all the success of their two major sellers, White on Blonde and The Hush, in many ways Texas never topped the energy and verve of their 1989 debut single, “I Don’t Want a Lover”. And that encapsulates the dilemma on new album Jump on Board for a band of their vintage: stick or twist? Cruise control, or rediscover the passion that ignited your career in the first place?

Inevitably, Texas manage neither, while simultaneously accomplishing both. Take the first track, “Work It Out”, which gives rise to the worst fears that here is a band content to go down the business as usual route. It’s an amiable, comforting mid-stroll of chugging guitar and familiar rise and fall strings; Spiteri informing us that life’s too short for rancor, but without the passion that makes you feel she’s really that bothered. “For Everything” is even more disappointing, following the formulae that Texas perfected on The Hush sans the hooks.

To be fair, the band do raise their game on several occasions. For every anti-climax, there is a surprise. “Can’t Control”, in this rather uneven collection of songs, is something of a revelation for Texas and makes you wonder if - as Twin Peaks returns to our screens after 25 years - Spiteri is auditioning for the role of Julee Cruse in The Roadhouse. “Can’t Control” is definitely not from 1999 to 2000 as its arresting use of echo and space summoning up both Lana del Rey and the sub-'80s gloss of forgotten hit by the Passions, “I’m in Love With a German Film Star”.

Overall, Spiteri emerges with more credit from Jump on Board than her band. On “Can’t Control” and “Sending a Message” (an equally shiny production that conjures with the under-rated Southern gothic eerie of American sisters the Pierces), she shows herself willing to experiment, dropping an octave on her voice to generate a breathy quality. But Spiteri could expect more from her colleagues, who lapse too often into their default comfort zone of the mid-pace strum - like the Black Keys deprived of the grit.

Texas always had a knack for a strong tune, but that facility largely goes AWOL on Jump on Board. “Great Romances” steals from the brash beat of girl tune of the '60s "My Boyfriend’s Back" but, like a revving car that can’t find top gear, it never quite launches into overdrive. The final track, “Round the World”, shimmers and glows, but searches for the grand climax that fails to arrive.

In 2015, another Scottish band, albeit from an earlier era, Simple Minds, made a worthy comeback with Big Music. This worked, primarily because it carried an urgency that their new music-making meant something to them. No doubt, Texas would say the same about Jump on Board, which has its moments and is a pleasurable listen. But it neither matches the killer pop soul of say “Black Eyed Boys”; nor is it a sufficiently radical departure to make it the stand-out album they had in mind.

Richard Folland - 18 Apr 2017

Jump on Board is the ninth studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Texas that was released worldwide in May 2017. The lead single from the album, "Let's Work it Out" was released earlier in the year and charted within the singles chart in France. The second single "Tell That Girl" was released in May 2017, just prior to the official release of the album.

Jump on Board performed well commercial in the band's native Scotland, debuting at number one on the Scottish Album Charts. The album performed well in both the United Kingdom and France, where it debuted within the top ten of both album charts, whereby it debuted the French Albums Charts at number three, giving the band their eight French top ten album.

The lead single, "Let's Work it Out" was released in early 2017 to critical acclaim. The song was added to several playlists on British radio station, BBC Radio 2 where it enjoyed strong airplay. Despite this airplay, the song failed to make any chart impact on any British singles chart, either physical single sales, digital download or independent chart releases. The second single to be released from Jump on Board, "Tell that Girl" was released just prior to the formal release of the album in May 2017. Again, whilst failing to chart inside the United Kingdom singles chart or any other mainstream single charts across the European continent, "Tell that Girl" enjoyed strong airplay on BBC Radio 2 throughout both April and May 2017, making playlists including Great British Songbook and Today's Top Hits.


Texas veröffentlichen mit "Jump On Board" ihr mittlerweile neuntes Studioalbum und der Refrain der ersten Single beschreibt es mit einem Vers nahezu perfekt: “Life's too short, let's work it out“. „Wir sind inzwischen alle etwas älter und weiser geworden.“, sagt Sängerin Sharleen Spiteri. „Das Wichtigste im Leben ist, Dinge in Ordnung zu bringen statt sich zu streiten. Genieße den Moment, strecke Deine Hände in den Himmel, tanze und singe Dir die Seele aus dem Leib.“ In dem euphorischen Video hat niemand geringerer als Fußball-Legende Thierry Henry einen Gastauftritt.

"Jump On Board" ist der Sound einer Band, die mit sich selbst vollkommen im Reinen ist. Beeinflusst wurden Texas von Northern Soul, Disco sowie den Bee Gees und Orange Juice. Zudem haben mit Spiteri und ihrem musikalischen Seelengefährten Johnny McElhone zwei Weltklasse-Songwriter zueinander gefunden. Texas ist eine atemberaubende britische Erfolgsgeschichte, die noch lange nicht auserzählt ist und nie lebendiger klang als 2017. "Jump On Board" gleicht einer Wiedergeburt und ist die ekstatische Bestätigung des lebenslangen Glaubens in die Kraft der Popmusik.


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