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Sotho Sounds

 B i o g r a p h y

This lively, eight peice group make their instruments from “found” materials such as oil cans, car inner tubes, scrap metal, wood and wire. The young group of six musicians and two dancers create a fresh and innovative sound combining South African hip hop, township jive and Sotho music. Aged from 13-22 years old, these self-taught musicians play their own hand-made drums, one-string fiddles, guitars and bass. Sotho sounds currently live in a remote area of Lesotho, a tiny country in the heart of South Africa, where they have been composing and performing their own material for the past five years – the result is inspiring and instantly engaging.“With their uplifting sound and compelling groove, Sotho Sounds shows us that with passion and determination, new and exciting music is being created from minimal resources, in one of the most remote areas of Southern Africa.

SOTHO SOUNDS are: Tumelo Mpokoane (drums); Kajoane Chaka and Thseliso Hoko (one-string fiddles); Monaheng Mporoane and Tankiso Pita (guitars); Rameleke Rantho (bass); Paseka and Richard Mohale (dancers)

Official site: www.facebook.com/SothoSounds

 A l b u m s

Junk Funk (Riverboat Records, 2012)