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Catherine Russell: Bring It Back

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: Jazz Village Music
Released: 2014
Category: Contemporary Jazz, Blues
Producer(s): Catherine Russell, Paul Kahn, Katherine Miller
Media type: CD
Web address: www.catherinerussell.net
Appears with:
Purchase date: 2012
Price in €: 1,00

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Bring It Back (Harrison Nelson) - 3:54
[2] I'm Shooting High (Ted Koehler / Jimmy McHugh) - 2:31
[3] I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Henry Nemo / John Redmond) - 4:08
[4] You Got to Swing and Sway (Ida Cox) - 3:09
[5] Aged and Mellow (Preston Love / Johnny Otis) - 4:40
[6] The Darktown Strutter's Ball (Shelton Brooks) - 2:39
[7] Lucille (Luis Russell) - 3:55
[8] You've Got Me Under your Thumb (Mildred Brooks / Jack Hudgens / Will Livermash) - 2:39
[9] After the Lights Go Down Low (Leroy Lovett / Alan White) - 5:23
[10] I'm Sticking with You Baby (Henry Glover / Rudy Toombs) - 3:07
[11] Strange as It Seems (Andy Razaf / Fats Waller) - 3:30
[12] Public Melody Number One (Harold Arlen / Ted Koehler) - 3:13
[13] I Cover the Waterfront (Johnny Green / Edward Heyman) - 5:01

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Catherine Russell - Vocals, Percussion on [6,10], Arranger, Horn Arrangements, Percussion, Producer

Matt Munisteri - Guitar, Arranger, Music Direction
Mark Shane - Piano
Lee Hudson - Bass on [1-5,7-13]
Nicki Parrott - Bass on [6]
Mark Mclean - Drums, Percussion on [6]
Andy Farber - Tenor Saxophone, Arranger
Jon-Erik Kellso - Trumpet, Arranger, Horn Arrangements
Brian Pareschi - Trumpet on [2-13]
Dan Block - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone on [5], Clarinet on [4]
John Allred - Trombone
Mark Lopeman - Baritone Saxophone
Glen Patscha - Hammond B-3 on [6,9,10]

Paul Kahn - Producer
Katherine Miller - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
René Goiffon - Executive Producer
Dan Fyfe - Assistant Engineer
Nancy Carbonaro - Photography
Alan Silverman - Mastering

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

2014 CD Jazz Village ‎JV579001

Recorded June 3-5, 2013 at MSR Studios - Additional Recording July 2, 2013 at Trading 8s recording Studio.

"Bring it Back – Catherine Russell (Jazz Village) – The daughter of Luis Russell, who was Louis Armstrong’s longtime bandleader, and Carline Ray, who sang and played bass and guitar with the International Sweethearts of Rhythm during WWII, this former backup singer for David Bowie and Steely Dan, who didn’t record her first solo album until her mid ’40’s, reached her full potential with this album. Using the works from her parent’s heyday as a starting point, Ms. Russell respects the swing tradition while imbuing the proceedings with a modern blues sheen. Her voice has the gritty edge of a woman who has been around but it’s leavened by a youthful lightness that shines through on the uptempo numbers. I admit to having missed her before now, but after this disc I will catch up because Catherine Russell is the truth."

Curt's Jazz Cafe


New York City vocalist Catherine Russell is the brilliant eutection of two bright tones. Her father, the late Luis Russell, collaborated with Louis Armstrong as his bandleader and arranger. Russell's mother was the inestimable Carline Ray who concluded her seven decade career with her debut as a leader Vocal Sides (Self Produced, 2013) before passing away at aged 88 July 27, 2013). Russell was intimately involved in the project with her mother. These spirits mixed to create the formidable talent that is Russell. Bring It Back is Russell's fifth recording and her first for the Harmonia Mundi Jazz Village imprint.

Russell creatively stretches with both a larger ten-piece band and an equally enlarged repertoire spanning from the dawn of jazz to the heyday of rhythm and blues. Russell and her cadre of arrangers opted for a more earthy presentation, giving the music a sepia hue without turning it into an all-out period piece. There is a comfortable and familiar 1930s cinematic feel to this music sans the rudimentary sonic technology. This is that honest music made by Esther Phillips, Al Hibbler, Wynonie Harris, Johnny Otis and Little Willie John, music that existed in the interface between jazz and R & B, where the two genres and all that made them linger and embrace.

The disc's true center is the first full performance of Russell's father's composition, "Lucille," which was recently found in the Louis Armstrong archives as a demo. It is a shimmering ballad that migrates into a Count Basie riff-fest. Russell addresses the slow blues in "After the Lights Go Down Low" complete with Glenn Patscha's Hammond and Matt Munisteri's thin, metallic guitar fills raise the song above gutbucket into the Chittlin' Circuit realm. "I'm Sticking to You Baby" is a Henry Glover jump blues. Perfectly wedged in is Fats Waller's "Strange as it Seems" and the Koehler/Arlen hidden swing treasure, "Public Melody Number One."

Russell's title Bring It Back is a call for reconsideration. The primary focus in jazz, or music in general, need not be the ever- expanding trajectory outward. It can also be inward, old forms well considered. Russell provides essential and emphatic interpretations of songs close to her life and spirit making this an exceptional recording.

C. Michael Bailey - February 11, 2014
© 2015 All About Jazz

Time is a relative term for Catherine Russell, a late bloomer who has sang backup for many modern-day stars. Her own material has been steeped in early jazz and blues since she made her debut in 2006. Suffice to say, the title of her fifth solo album may be her agenda as well as the name of the opening tune. Here, the daughter of two jazz musicians—her dad played with Louis Armstrong in the ‘40s and led bands, while her Juilliard-trained mom played bass and sang—pays tribute to her parents by covering tunes she associates with them, using a swinging 10-piece band instead of her usual small groups. The results are predictably excellent. Russell covers her dad’s “Lucille” and offers new versions of classics like a lush-sounding “I Cover the Waterfront” and a light “I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart.” Even when she does soulful blues like the title track, there’s an upbeat tone that screams for a Saturday night out dancing and having fun—and that’s something that's never gone out of style for Russell or anyone else.

iTunes Editors’ Notes

Catherine Russell digs deep and a new jazz standard is set!
A dynamic exploration of great American music as well as her own lyrical roots, Catherine Russell is set to drop a new standard for jazz vocalists on Feb. 11. Bring It Back is an introspective look at the earliest days of improvisational music with the smoldering passion that is a deeply personal connection to her pioneering mother and jazz vocalist Carline Ray. Sadly Catherine's mother left us shortly after the completion of this stellar recording but her legacy lives on through the artistic triumph of her daughter. The inspiration of her father and former Louis Armstrong band member Luis Russell is never far from the forefront as Russell does a lyrical exploratory on what is indeed the roots music of this great country.
Despite the obvious pain of the loss of her mother there is an unbridled optimism that permeates Bring It Back which is not a melancholy look back but a celebratory look ahead. Swing, that ever present intangible that much like love is hard to describe but oh so easy to feel is the silent but deep river of soulful expression running just below the surface as the ten piece orchestra raises the stakes with a harmonic groove that is nothing but fine. The Russell spark ignited the 1952 Johnny Otis number "Aged and Mellow" while her emotional shell is gently pealed back with the Duke Ellington tune "I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart."
This is a personal if not slightly conceptual release. Caroline Ray's Vocal Sides was released shortly before her death and this sublime release may well serve as the catalyst for what may well stand up as the best vocal release for 2014. I know it is early but...it is what it is.
Catherine Russell does not need an arsenal of runs and tricks to sell a tune, she crawls inside a song and gets comfortable with the listener invited along for the ride. A singer is someone that can find pitch. A vocal artist tells stories and takes you along for the ride. Catherine Russell is a vocal artist.

Brent Black - January 11, 2014

"Ein reines Vergnügen für alle Musikliebhaber, die Authentizität schätzen."

Stereo, April 2014

"Catherine Russell singt Klassiker und neuere Werke so prächtig, dass sich ihre gute Laune auf den Hörer überträgt.

Audio, April 2014

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