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Jocelyn Pook

 B i o g r a p h y

Jocelyn Pook (born 14th February 1960, Birmingham, England) is an English composer and viola player.

Jocelyn Pook’s distinctive style is a product of her diverse experiences in classical, commercial and world music. After graduating from London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama, she performed with many pop artists including The Communards and Massive Attack, and formed Electra Strings for whom she wrote original material. She has worked extensively with eminent dance companies such as DV8 and Shobana Jeyasingh, and in 2002 she was commissioned by the BBC Proms to write a work for The King’s Singers in collaboration with Poet Laureate Andrew Motion. Notable film credits include Michael Radford’s adaptation of The Merchant of Venice, Stanley Kubrick’s final film Eyes Wide Shut, and "Brick Lane".

As one of the "Leytonstone Contingent," Pook recorded on two occasions with pianist Jeremy Peyton Jones for Rough Trade and later for Century XXI. About a year later, she joined Anne Stephenson and Audrey Riley to accompany Virginia Astley both on stage and record. Session work followed and alternated with her co-founding of the Electra Strings with Australian violinist Sonia Slany and an album on the Village Life label. This neoclassical chamber quartet later transformed into the Brilliant Strings after she and Slany had gone their separate ways.

Pook also has a separate career as a film composer. By the end of the decade, she had made three albums in her own right; the first was Deluge. She went international with her music for Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, to which she contributed among other things the music for the masked ball sequence, which incorporates a fragment of an Orthodox Liturgy played backwards and lyrics sung (or chanted) in Romanian. Recently, she also contributed the score to the 2004 film version of William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Peter Kosminsky's film on David Kelly, The Government Inspector, and "Brick Lane". She also composed the soundtrack for the film L'Emploi du temps, or Time Out. Her solo album Deluge was released in 1997.

In 1983 she appeared in the ABC movie Mantrap as one of many string players for the album The Lexicon Of Love. Most of her sessions were for Indie bands throughout the 80s. Frequently works with vocalist Melanie Pappenheim and singer/songwriter Natacha Atlas.

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Official Homepage: www.jocelynpook.com

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Untold Things (Real World, 2001)