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Pink Floyd: More

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: EMI Records
Released: 1969.07.27
Category: Pop/Rock
Producer(s): Jet Films, Pink Floyd
Rating: *****..... (5/10)
Media type: CD
Web address: www.pinkfloyd.com
Appears with: David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright
Purchase date: 1991
Price in €: 7,99

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Cirrus Minor (R.Waters) - 5:09
[2] Nile Song (R.Waters) - 3:22
[2] Crying Song (R.Waters) - 3:31
[3] Up the Khyber (N.Mason/R.Wright) - 2:10
[4] Green Is the Colour (R.Waters) - 2:55
[5] Cymbaline (R.Waters) - 4:46
[6] Party Sequence (D.Gilmour/N.Mason) - 1:07
[7] Main Theme (D.Gilmour/R.Waters) - 5:28
[8] Ibiza Bar (D.Gilmour/N.Mason) - 3:13
[9] More Blues (D.Gilmour/N.Mason) - 2:12
[10] Quicksilver (D.Gilmour/N.Mason) - 7:07
[11] Spanish Piece (D.Gilmour) - 1:02
[12] Dramatic Theme (R.Waters/R.Wright) - 2:16

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

ROGER WATERS - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
RICHARD WRIGHT - Keyboards, Vocals
DAVID GILMOUR - Guitar, Vocals

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

1987 CD Capitol C2-46386
1968 LP Tower ST-5169
1969 LP Harvest 11198
1990 LP Capitol 11198
1987 CS Capitol C4-46386

MORE is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. The 1996 repackaging of MORE includes an expanded booklet with many rare photos, lyrics and revised front cover artwork.

Commissioned as a soundtrack to the seldom-seen French hippie movie of the same name, More was a Floyd album in its own right, reaching the Top 10 in Britain. The group's atmospheric music was a natural for movies, but when assembled for record, these pieces were unavoidably a bit patchwork, ranging from folky ballads to fierce electronic instrumentals to incidental mood music. Several of the tracks are pleasantly inconsequential, but this record does include some strong compositions, especially "Cymbaline," "Green Is The Colour," and "The Nile Song." All of these developed into stronger pieces in live performances, and better, high-quality versions are available on numerous bootlegs.

Richie Unterberger - All Music Guide
© 1992 - 2001 AEC One Stop Group, Inc.

Concocted for director Barbet Schroeder's dystopian hippie road flick, this album marks Floyd's first venture into film "scoring," a task they undertake with a verve that overshadows their lack of formal training in the field. With just a handful of cuts echoing the trippy, atmospheric space-rock that was so much a part of their early career, there's a surprisingly familiar dedication to songcraft evident here, especially for a soundtrack. Roger Waters's acoustic ballads ("Cirrus Minor," "Crying Song," "Green is the Color"), dark and dirge-like, are familiar predecessors to music that would highlight Wish You Were Here and The Wall, while Dave Gilmour's slashing riffs on "The Nile Song" also foreshadow greatness to come. Moody and surprisingly eclectic, More has rightly earned its place as a Floyd cult fave.

Jerry McCulley - Amazon.com

Für den Film "More" der Französin Barbet Schroeder komponierten Pink Floyd 1969 den Soundtrack. Seit spätestens 1966 ein Geheimtip des Londoner Undergrounds, waren die vier Engländer gerade im Begriff einen Siegeszug anzutreten, der Ihnen unter anderem einen Eintrag ins Guinness-Buch der Rekorde neben vielen anderen Superlativen und Abermillionen verkaufter Alben bescherte. Dennoch nahmen sie sich die Zeit dieses ausgezeichnete Stück Musik einzuspielen, das letztlich, ohne die damals gewohnten, teilweise extremen Kompositionen von Pink Floyd, Platz zehn der britischen LP-Charts erreichte.

Psychodelic-Rock ist hier immer noch zu hören, aber nur teilweise und wesentlich greifbarer, man könnte sagen kommerzieller, bis auf den herausragenden "Nile Song", für damalige Begriffe unerhört, heute unter anderem von Voivod, einer Formation aus dem härteren Lager, gecovert ohne groß bearbeitet zu werden - ein großartiger Drescher. Überdies sind einige exquisite Instrumentalstücke vertreten, die einfach zeitlos gute Musik beinhalten und die Vielfalt und den Ideenreichtum bezeugen, die Pink Floyd irgendwann einmal besaßen.

Ein für die Combo ungewöhnliches Album mit einigen herausragenden Kompositionen, abwechslungsreich bis unzusammenhängend, von Hardcore über Blues bis Synthie-Pop, für jeden etwas dabei, ohne flach zu wirken, einfach gute Musik.

Felix von Vietsch - Amazon.de

Always one of the most under-rated items in the Pink Floyd canon, "More" is something of a gem. Recorded during one week at Abbey Road in March 1969, for a Barbert Schroeder's movie of the same name, "More" was an intermission in the Floyd's quest for the Great Work (they took time off from recording their intended magnum opus "Ummagumma" to work on this soundtrack album). It exhibits the more pastoral side of the Floyd, and showcases them at their most relaxed. Waters in particular - who composed the lion's share, including such in-concert staples as "Cymbaline" and "Green Is The Colour" - displays impressive development as a songwriter.

"More" is also one of the Floyd's most musically varied albums, ranging from straight heavy metal like "The Nile Song" through to acoustic ballads ("Crying Song"), via abstract electronics ("Quicksilver"), blues pastiches like "More Blues" and musical "jokes" like Gilmour's "A Spanish Piece".

On the Capitol pressing of the More LP (SW-11198), the record (not the sleeve) has following titles for "Up The Khyber" and "Quicksilver": "Up The Kyber (Juke Box)" and "Quicksilver (Water-Pipe)".

It has been speculated that the song "Up The Khyber" was meant to accompany a scene of anal sex in the movie. 'Khyber' is Rhyming Slang for arse.

The song "Cymbaline" is self-referential: "...will the final couplet rhyme?" The final couplet in fact is the only one that doesn't. The movie version of this song has slightly different lyrics and is sung by Roger Waters, whereas the album version is sung by David Gilmour. The movie version has the line "Standing by with a book in his hand/ it's an easy word to rhyme" instead of "Will the tightrope reach the end?/ Will the final couplet rhyme?".

The film "More" was directed by Barbet Schroeder.


 L y r i c s


In a churchyard by a river,
Lazing in the haze of midday,
Laughing in the grasses and the graze.
Yellow bird, you are alone in singing and in flying on,
In and in leaving.

Willow weeping in the water,
Waving to the river daughters,
Swaying in the ripples and the reeds.
On a trip to Cirrus Minor, saw a crater in the sun
A thousand miles of moonlight later.

The Nile Song

I was standing by the Nile
Whe I saw the lady smile.
I would take her out for a while,
For a while.

Light tears wept like a child.
How her golden hair was blowing wild.
Then she spread her wings to fly,
For to fly.

Soaring high above the breezes,
Going always where she pleases.
She will make it to the island in the sun.
I will follw in her shadow
As I watch her from my window.
One day I will catch her eye.

She is calling from the deep,
Summoning my soul to endless sleep.
She is bound to drag me down,
Drag me down.

Crying Song

We smile and smile
We smile and smile
Laughter echoes in your eyes
We climb and climb
We climb and climb
Footfall softly in the pines
We cry and cry
We cry and cry
Sadness passes in a while
We role and role
We role and role
Help me role away the stone

Up the Khyber


Green is the Colour

Heavy hung the canopy of blue
Shade my eyes and I can see you
White is the light that shines through the dress that you wore
She lay in the shadow of the wave
Hazy were the visions of her playing
Sunlight on her eyes but moonshine beat her blind everytime
Green is the colour of her kind
Quickness of the eye deceives the mind
Envy is the bond between the hopefull and the damned


The path you tread is narrow and the drop is shear and very high
The ravens all are watching from a vantage point near by
Apprehension creeping like a choo-train up your spine
Will the tightrope reach the end; will the final cuplet rhyme
And it's high time
It's high time
Please wake me

Butterfly with broken wings is falling by your side
The ravens all are closing in there's no where you can hide
Your manager and agent are both busy on the phone
Selling colored photographs to magazines back home
And it's high time
It's high time
Please wake me

The lines converging where you stand
they must have moved the picture plane
The leaves are heavy around your feet
you hear the thunder of the train
Suddenly it strikes you that they're moving into range
Doctor Strange is always changing size
And it's high time
It's high time
Please wake me

And it's high time
It's high time
Please wake me

Party Sequence


Main Theme


Ibiza Bar

I'm so afraid of mistakes that I made
Taking every time that I wake
I feel like a hard-boiled butter man
So give me a time when the countries will lie on the storyline if kind

Are days are made since the first page
I've lived every line that you wrote
Take me down, take me down, from the shelf above your head
So give me a time when the countries will lie on the storyline if kind

And if I live on the shelf like the rest
And if love bleeds like a sad song
Please pick-up your camera and use me again
So give me a time when the countries will lie on the storyline if kind

More Blues




A Spanish Piece

Pass the tequila, Manuel
Leaf and cringle
Laugh at my lisp and kill you
I think
This Spanish music
It sets my soul on fire
Lovely señorita
Your eyes are like stars
Your teeth are like pearls
Your ruby lips señorita

Dramatic Theme


 M P 3   S a m p l e s

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