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Phantoms of Future

 B i o g r a p h y

With their 7. PHANTOMS OF FUTURE throw album../inside/outside, which appears on 17 April 2000, again a daring view into the future. Phantoms let the fantastic already begin in the reality. From clean musical fixing of the boundaries and a probably defined drawer existence the phantoms did not hold ever somewhat. Here abysses of the soul in all your types of play of the Verruchten and extremes are pityless plumbed.

The band more or less moved many years in the background. It played on the average 100 concerts per year, ensured again and again with spectacular internal messages (THE GREAT POPKOMM SWINDLE 93) for eddies. The group brought to three Indie Studioproduktionen, one Livealbum and 95 CALL OF THE GAME (Epic/Sony Music)sowie 1996 CHIMERA (Columbia/Sony) out. CALL OF THE GAME placed itself in April 95 at first attempt for four weeks into the MM-Charts-Top-100. The single JACK IN THE BOX obtained outstanding radio applications. The 2. Uncoupling SUN became the club hit. The video to CRACKIN UP provided with VIVA for attention. 96 CHIMERA followed. The video to the single CAUGHT BY FIRE as well as numerous television appearances made phantoms the epitome of modern genuine skirt music.

After the appearance that, phantoms in the summer 96 altogether 23 open airs played CD CHIMERA (5 weeks in Top 20 the DAC Charts in 96) among other things with CYPRESS HILL, SISTERS OF MERCY, PRODIGY, RUBY, STRANGLERS, FANTA 4, DEUS, MONSTER MAGNET etc.. Followed routes with SEX PISTOLS 97 and IGGY POP 98, as well as Showcases from London to Milan.

1997 developed an intensive co-operation with the SEA SHEPHERD organization. Captain Paul Watson (radical joint founder of Greenpeace) loaded the phantoms on his ship. Phantoms dedicated thereupon the Song SEA WARRIOR (TIE ME UP) the SEA SHEPHERD organization.

1998 were obligated the Hagener Stephan Voigt as new Keyboarder, because Ted had left the band for private reasons. In the late autumn 99 LIVE IN CONCERT with 18 Songs of the spring tour appeared 99, already 3 pieces new among them. TIE ME UP, 6. Albumalbum album appeared 98 (again 5 weeks into the DAT 20 Charts).

With../inside/outside is consistently resumed the development and renewal of the phantoms. Clearly the influences of the new Keyboarders Stephan Voigt become apparent, which originally originates from the Techno/Industrial scene and contributes substantially to the modern total sound of the phantoms. Even this mixture of the actually heterogeneous music spectra from Punk to Techno, Big Beat to Psychedelic again makes the phantoms an unmistakable unit.

Beside 11 new Songs contains the album../inside/outside new versions of IDENTITY (CHAPTER III) and the club hit SUN live (CALL OF THE GAME), as well as Coverversionen of RIDERS ON THE STORM (DOORS) and LOVE MACHINE (SUPERMAX).

In April/May 2000 a club route with 35 appearances abroad the in and starts.

Phantoms grew with your maximum at performance to ekstatischsten and skurilsten Live Band of your category!

Official Homepage: www.frank-eckenga.de/phantoms/

 A l b u m s

Call of the Wind (Epic Records, 1995)