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Mike Oldfield: Guitars

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: WEA International
Released: 1999
Category: Pop/Rock
Producer(s): Mike Oldfield
Rating: *********. (9/10)
Media type: CD
Web address: www.mikeoldfield.org
Appears with:
Purchase date: 1999.06.04
Price in €: 15,99

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Muse (Mike Oldfield) - 2:19
[2] Cochise (Mike Oldfield) - 5:25
[3] Embers (Mike Oldfield) - 3:56
[4] Summit Day (Mike Oldfield) - 3:50
[5] Out of Sight (Mike Oldfield) - 3:51
[6] B. Blues (Mike Oldfield) - 4:35
[7] Four Winds (Mike Oldfield) - 9:29
[8] Enigmatism (Mike Oldfield) - 3:31
[9] Out of Mind (Mike Oldfield) - 3:46
[10] From the Ashes (Mike Oldfield) - 2:29

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

MIKE OLDFIELD - Guitars, Engineering

BILL SMITH - Art Direction, Design
ANDY EARL - Photography
BEN DARLOW - Engineer

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

This album contains only Guitars. All sounds on the album were generated from guitars, midi guitar or guitar samples, including the drum sounds.

All sounds on this recording, including drum sounds were generated from live guitars, midi guitars or individual guitar samples. On "Guitars" there are 10 tracks where the ...Yeah right....guitar is the main instrument. Guitars is Mike's last album contracted to Warners, lasting just under 45 minutes. Now that we#ve had the chance to hear the album a few times, we thought we#d share our thoughts with you.

Muse (2:19) - A very simple understated melancholy opening to the album played on solo acoustic guitar which really clears the mind for what is to follow.

Cochise (5:25) - A positive sounding track with a light airy feel. After a slow start, a simple melody emerges with drum pounding underneath which builds into a more passionate, dynamic ending. Mike has cleverly intertwined a very up-beat lead with a much slower more melodic riff - an interesting twist to the track . A crisp electric guitar and rhythm guitar elegantly build the atmospheric feel.

Embers (3:56) - A wonderful mood, gently lilting, conjuring up images of sitting by the fire with a glass of brandy, dreaming, with a fire crackling in the background, almost expressing some of the moods and sounds from Tubular Bells part 2.

Summit Day (3:50) - A calming, wandering track which brings a stroll on a summers day to mind, with the feel of some of the better instrumental B sides found on Mike#s Eighties# singles with strains of Hergest Ridge. The same tune suddenly switches to a much fuller sound and orchestration, as if the track is in two halves.
Out of Sight (3:51) - After a quiet start, crank up the volume for a mean meandering tune with a kind of a mobster movie theme about it. A fascinating yet unpredictable mix of a fast Taurus II style up beat piece with stabbing guitars interwoven with a much more reserved style background. This is a real raw rock track with some blistering lead guitar and lots of energy.

B. Blues (4:35) - Exceptional neat crisp blues guitar accompanied by a chorus of heavy rock guitars throughout the track.

Four Winds (9:29) - This is the longest track on the album, but that#s a bonus, because this is without a doubt the highpoint of the album. As the title suggests, Four Winds comprises four themes, perhaps representing different views around the compass? An extremely unpredictable piece, yet filmic in places in its grandeur. A promising start with heavy rock guitar and punching electric guitar rhythm leads straight into fast paced aggressive rock played on frenzied guitar. A sudden switch of mood and tempo to a very quiet beautiful soft melody mellows out into #High Drifter# mode with bodhran like the sound of horses# hooves. I sat listening, imagining a hobo trudging along a long, hot and dusty road. Another sudden jump starts a very pleasant cool Ommadawn style rhythm with an Eastern flavour, perhaps on sitar and tablas? Finishing with a #Spaghetti Western# Shadows# style theme, the way that Four Winds changes and develops is very refreshing.

Enigmatism (3:31) - A gently flowing guitar piece with lovely synthesised flute, an almost dreamlike track. I felt that this could have been developed to form a good part of a longer piece. A straightforward track - almost clearing the mind ready for Out of Mind.

Out of Mind (3:46) - The quiet start is hijacked by an unexpected Amarok style burst of heavy rock guitar, a real blast to the eardrums with thundering rock guitar and screaming electric guitar. The sister track in name and feel to Out of Sight, but faster and harder. A heavier rhythm takes over to lead this passionate track. Certain tracks always suggest themselves as a single - this one gets my vote.

From the Ashes (2:29) - The name alone had us expecting great things. The theme from Embers is revisited with synthesised flute in the background of acoustic guitar, which gives From the Ashes a strong sense that it would have fitted well on Voyager.

Guitars is another of Mike#s albums that has grown on me the more I listen to it. It#s a heavily acoustic album, but with more drums than I#d expected. There is some really good guitar work but on first listen it has little sense of direction. Although disjointed, that was one of Amarok#s strengths when you got to know the work better. Overall the feel is very upbeat, with a positive happy sound and an overwhelming sense of optimism. I get the feeling looking at the track names and the emotions conjured up from listening to them, that this album could be about the break-up from a lady friend - pure speculation - but just a feeling. The album as a whole is yet another chapter in the varying styles which Mike has accomplished which make him stand out against what others are capable of producing. Unique, proficient, and full of vehemence, this album contains something that will appeal to all.


 L y r i c s

All tracks are instrumental.

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