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Youssou N'Dour: YOKO from Village to Town

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: Sony Music
Released: 2000
Category: World Music
Producer(s): See Artists ...
Rating: *******... (7/10)
Media type: CD
Web address: www.youssou.com
Appears with:
Purchase date: 2000.03.11
Price in €: 15,99

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Wiri-Wiri (Yossou N'dour / Henry Guiyabert) - 4:05
[2] Birima (Yossou N'dour / Ndeye Mbaye Djinema-Djinema) - 3:48
[3] Beykat (Yossou N'dour / Jimi Mbaye) - 4:30
[4] Liggeey (Yossou N'dour /Kabou Gueye) - 4:39
[5] My Hope Is In You (Yossou N'dour / Adrian Gurwitz / Maribetz Derry) - 3:54
[6] Don't Walk Away [Feat. Sting] (Yossou N'dour /Jonathan Sharp / Cameroon McVey / Michael Power) - 4:45
[7] Please Wait (Yossou N'dour / Pape Oumar Ngom / Jonathan Sharp / Simon Richmond / Steve Hopewood) - 2:38
[8] Mouvement (Dunya) (Yossou N'dour / Jonathan Sharp / Cameroon McVey) - 4:27
[9] She Doesn't Need To Fall (Yossou N'dour / Prince Charles Alexander / Boubackar N'dour) - 4:50
[10] Yama (Yossou N'dour / Jonathan Sharp / Simon Richmond / Steve Hopewood) - 5:58
[11] This Dream [Feat. Peter Gabriel] (Yossou N'dour / Jonathan Sharp) - 5:14
[12] Red Clay (Yossou N'dour / Prince Charles Alexander / Boubackar N'dour) - 4:40
[13] How Come [Feat. Wyclef Jean] (Yossou N'dour / Wyclef Jean / Prince Charles Alexander) - 4:12
[14] Don't Look Back (Yossou N'dour / Ronald White) - 3:32
[15] Birima (remix) [Feat. Wyclef Jean & Marie-Antoinette a.k.a Free] (Yossou N'dour / Ndeye Mbaye Djinema-Djinema / Wyclef Jean / Marie-Antoinette) - 4:43
[16] New Africa (Yossou N'dour / Kabou Gueye / Habib Faye) - 2:35

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Youssou N'dour - Vocals, Background vocals

Sting - Vocals
Peter Gabriel - Vocals
Wycleaf Jean - Vocals, Background vocals
Marie-Antoinette a.k.a Free - Vocals
Victoria Chidid - Vocals, Background vocals
Tracey Amos - Vocals
Vinia Mojica - Vocals

Simon Richmond - Progranning, Keyboards
Johnny S - Progranning, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Mbaye Dieye Faye - Senegalese percussion
Babacar Faye - Senegalese percussion
Habib Faye - Bass, Keyboards
Mac Fallows - Keyboards
Jimi Mbaye - Guitars
Pape Oumar Ngom - Guitars
Ibrahim Ciasse - Keyboards
Youssoupha Camara - Drums
Assane Thiam - Senegalese talking drum
Dominic MIller - Acoustic guitar
Pino Palladino - Bass
Kamil Rustan - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Programming
Kevin Armstrong - Guitars
Manu Katché - Drums

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

Youssou N'Dour (abwechselnd als der wahre Star des Mbalax gefeiert, als dessen Vater oder ganz einfach als der bedeutendste lebende Sänger) präsentiert jetzt sein drittes Album für Columbia Records und erweitert seine Attraktivität mit einem neuen und packenden World-Beat Album. Diejenigen, die ihn von seinen gemeinsamen Auftritten mit Peter Gabriel und Paul Simon kennen, werden die aufrichtige Haltung gegenüber seinen Sousous-Wurzeln schätzen, die bei Songs deutlich wird, die den typischen Überschwang in der Griot und "The Star of Dakar"-Tradition präsentieren. Andere, die ihn wegen seines Riesenhits mit Neneh Cherry ("Seven Seconds") kennen, werden bei Pophymnen wie "My Hope Is In You" und "Don't Walk Away" an dem Trip-Hop-Stil der Produktion ihre Freude haben.

Der Anklang arabischer Musik, der immer in seiner Musik zu spüren ist, findet hier seinen Ausdruck bei "She Doesn't Need To Fall", und Sie werden auch bei "Please Wait" Highlife zu hören bekommen. Es gibt aber noch mehr. Kurze Auftritte von Gästen als Sänger im Hintergrund und eine echte Rap-Einlage, die die Armut in den Städten des Senegal beschreibt, bilden einen Kontrast zu der Reinheit von Youssous Stimme, die sich auf so typische Weise erhebt, um das Album zu seinem gefühlsgeladenen Abschluss zu bringen: Ein kurzer und ergreifender Appell an Afrika, seine Einheit in der Zukunft zu wahren. Es fällt einem schwer, sich vorzustellen, dass dieses Album (obwohl es sein zentrales Anliegen niemals vernachlässigt) bei der Verfolgung seines Ziels, eine möglichst breite Resonanz zu finden, erfolglos bleiben wird. Wieder einmal ist dieser glaubwürdige und unentwegte Künstler mit seiner magischen Stimme der afrikanische Geschichtenerzähler und Musiker auf der Weltbühne.

Ben Clarke - Amazon.de

Having been absent from the spotlight for six years, Youssou N’Dour returns with "Joko" which is the perfect start to a new millennium of African music. Combining all of his previous musical milestones, bare acoustic guitar, clever layering of percussion and keyboards with more the contemporary sounds of break-beats and funk laden bass parts. The album also features the vocal talents of Peter Gabriel (on “This Dream”), Sting (on “Don’t Walk Away”) and has utilized Wyclef Jean’s production talents on three tracks (Wyclef himself was Hatian roots and rapped in his native tongue on several tracks on his solo album).

The results mark the birth of a new era for Youssou, they paint a picture that takes from a rich heritage and receives from the milieu of influences that he like every musician is being exposed to today. The mix here is has break beats proliferating all over the place adding a nice contemporary touch without a sudden trip hop overload. The lightness of touch here is intentional, as Youssou is keen to get away from world music cliché’s and establish further a strong African pop sound. Emulating the immaculate production techniques of the aforementioned Gabriel and Sting, Youssou has produced an ambitious and wide-ranging album bringing his ideas and sound bang up to date. However the musical references are never far from his roots despite the fact that this is his most commercial recording for years.

From the township jives of “Birima” and “Please Wait” that have an almost virtuosic grace to them through to some haunting ballads like “This Dream” and the soulful “Red Clay” Youssou’s beautiful voice has an improved range able to cover silky highs and soaring cries laced with his trademark passion. Always at the forefront of African music either though his own record label or performing unbelievable live shows, “Joko” is possibly the best African pop album you will ever hear. Cool, hip, politically astute, melodic and brimming with ideas this will leave the competition gasping for breath.


Für "7 Seconds" rissen er und Neneh Cherry 1994 die Musikwelt aus dem Trott des Chart-Einerlei. Der Senegalese, Nachfahre herumziehendet Sänger und Magier, verzaubert auch auf "Joko" mit einer mitreißenden Mixtur aus Afro-Grooves und westlichem Pop und Rock. Exotenstatus muss er längst nicht mehr beanspruchen. Duettpartner wie Sting ("Don't Walk Away") und Peter Gabriel ("This Dream") überlassen ihm wie selbstverständlich den Chef-Part. Souveräne CD.


"My hope is in you, I wanna watch your spirit touch the sky, so much more we can do". Prophetic words from the song 'My Hope Is In You', which is just one of the wondrous moments on Youssou's new album 'Joko' (subtitled 'From Village To Town'), and could easily be the song that proves that 'Seven Seconds' was no one-off fluke. Despite being one of the most visible and acclaimed African artists performing on the world, jazz and pop stages these days, Youssou N'Dour still hadn't managed to captured his golden voice and charismatic live presence on a single album, till now.

For 'Joko' he roped in an assortment of friends including Peter Gabriel, Sting, and Wyclef Jean, but not Santana! The result is an album that will amaze World and Pop music fans alike, and one that will surely push him into the 'household name' league. It has that same melodic crispness that epitomised the two Ishmael Lo albums, 'Iso' and 'Jammu Afrika', but surpasses both those albums with its depth of quality and variety and songwriting strength. Listen to the opener, 'Wiri-Wiri', followed by the harmonic sway of 'Birima', two songs in and hooked. There's 'Don't Walk Away' with Sting, 'This Dream' featuring Peter Gabriel, and 'How Come' featuring Wyclef and Marie-Antoinette. Wyclef also oversees a slow groove through the Tosh/Jagger hit 'Don't Look Back' and adds his Fug-Gee-lalalas to an extra version of 'Biriwa'. This 16-track album is as good as we've heard from this continent, and, if 'My Hope Is In You' isn't a massive hit, then the world's gone deaf, simple as that.

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