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Diana Krall: Live in Paris

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: Verve Jazz
Released: 2002.10.01
Category: Jazz
Producer(s): Tommy LiPuma
Rating: ********.. (8/10)
Media type: CD
Web address: www.dianakrall.com
Appears with:
Purchase date: 2002.10.07
Price in €: 13,99

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] I Love Being Here With You (Lee/Schluger) - 5:12
[2] Let's Fall in Love (Arlen/Koehler) - 4:34
[3] 'Deed I Do (Hirsch/Rose) - 5:17
[4] The Look of Love (Bacharach/David) - 5:00
[5] East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) (Bowman) - 5:58
[6] I've Got You Under My Skin (Porter) - 7:24
[7] Devil May Care (Dorough/Kirk) - 6:52
[8] Maybe You'll Be There (BLoom/Gallop) - 5:47
[9] 'S Wonderful (Gershwin/Gershwin) - 5:59
[10] Fly Me to the Moon (Howard) - 6:05
[11] A Case of You (Mitchell) - 7:04
[12] Just the Way You Are (Joel) - 5:00

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

DIANA KRALL - Piano, Vocals, Fender Rhodes

MICHAEL BRECKER - Tenor Saxophone
ROB MOUNSEY - Keyboards
JOHN PISANO - Acoustic Guitar
LUIS QUINTERO - Percussion

ALAN BROADBENT - Conductor, Music Direction
AL SCHMITT - Engineer

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

2002 CD Verve 440065109
2002 CD Universal 065109

The first-ever live concert recording from GRAMMY-winning vocalist/pianist Diana Krall was Recorded at the Paris Olympia Theatre last winter. Here finally, captured in amazing audio quality, is an album showcasing the magic of Krall’s concert performances.

Krall and her band perform some of the tunes from Krall’s studio recordings, such as "East of the Sun (West of the Moon)" and "Devil May Care." They are joined by special guests John Pisano (acoustic guitar) and Paulinho DaCosta (percussion) for several tracks, including the Gershwins’ "S’wonderful." The Orchestre Symphonique Europeen, conducted by Alan Broadbent with special guest conductor Claus Ogerman, is featured on the upbeat "Let’s Fall in Love" and a haunting interpretation of "I’ve Got You Under My Skin."

Featured on the album are live renditions of "The Look of Love," the title track from Krall’s platinum-certified Verve release, her first recorded version of the Joni Mitchell-penned "A Case of You," and "Fly Me to the Moon," a song not included on the previously-released DVD Diana Krall Live in Paris (Eagle Eye/Pioneer Entertainment).

Also on this recording is a special bonus studio track, a rendition of Billy Joel’s "Just The Way You Are"


Canadian version of 2002 live release includes one exclusive bonus track, 'Charmed Life' & the U.S. bonus track, 'Just The Way You Are' (Studio Version/Billy Joel cover). The first-ever live concert recording from Grammy winning vocalist/pianist Diana Krall, recorded at the Paris Olympia Theatre winter 2002. Here finally, captured in amazing audio quality, is an album showcasing the magic of Krall's concert performances. Krall & her band - perform some of the tunes from Krall's studio recordings, such as 'East of the Sun (West of the Moon)' & 'Devil May Care'. Joined by special guests John Pisano (acoustic guitar) & Paulinho DaCosta (percussion) for several tracks, including the Gershwin's 'S'wonderful'. The Orchestre Symphonique European, conducted by Alan Broadbent with special guest conductor Claus Ogerman, is featured on the upbeat 'Let's Fall in Love' & a haunting interpretation of 'I've Got You

Recorded at the historic Olympia Theatre in Paris in November 2001, this is Diana Krall's first live album. Backed by her quicksilver combo of bassist John Clayton, drummer Jeff Hamilton, and guitarist John Pisano (on some tracks), Krall's jazz heritage comes through loud and clear on this program of standards, ballads, and bossa novas. On Peggy Lee's "I Love Being Here with You," Bob Dorough's "Devil May Care," and Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon," Krall's snappy, postbop piano playing shows off her debt to Nat "King" Cole and Jimmy Rowles. Her cool contralto vocals are illuminated by the Orchestre Symphonique Europeen, under the direction of Alan Broadbent, as well as the London Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Claus Ogerman. Krall's deep take on Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" is a great choice for an encore, and the CD concludes with Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" (a studio track from a film called The Guru), with tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker and bassist Christian McBride. This collection only hints at what Diana Krall has to offer in the future.

Eugene Holley Jr. - Amazon.com

"Ich versuche einfach, auf dem höchsten Level zu musizieren und dabei leidenschaftlich, ehrlich, inspiriert und aufregend zu sein." Die Frau, von der dieses Statement stammt, wird dem eigenen Anspruch auch mit Live In Paris wiederum vollauf gerecht. Für Numero sieben in der laufenden Albumzählung hat Diana Krall im Dezember 2001 im legendären "Olympia" an der Seine das Tonband mitlaufen lassen und einen schlicht sensationellen Konzertabend aufgezeichnet. Mit ihrer eigenen Combo, der Paris Jazz Big Band und dem Orchestre Symphonique Europeen bot die Sängerin und Pianistin am Boulevard des Capucines seinerzeit ein traumhaft schönes Programm aus Titeln ihres Erfolgsalbums The Look Of Love und Standards aus dem Great American Songbook dar.

Auf diesem wunderbaren Longplayer, der übrigens auch in einer exzellenten, einige Titel mehr umfassenden DVD-Variante vorliegt, kann die Kanadierin ihre diversen Begabungen voll ausspielen. Sie beweist in "I Love Being Here With You" oder auch "Deed I Do", dass sie beherzt drauflos swingen kann, glänzt mit stimmungsvollen Versionen tief emotionaler Balladen à la "Maybe You'll Be There" und demonstriert in Bossa-Nummern wie George Gershwins "'S Wonderful" und Cole Porters "I've Got You Under My Skin" ihr Faible für Latinrhythmen. Im brandneuen Bonustrack "Just The Way You Are" aus der Feder von Popmusiker Billy Joel, extra für diese Veröffentlichung im Studio eingespielt, weist die Künstlerin aus British Columbia zudem ohrenfällig darauf hin, dass sie nicht nur das Jazzfach souverän beherrscht.

Auffallend ist des Weiteren Kralls besonderes Talent, sich berühmte Oldies zu Eigen zu machen. So gewinnt sie etwa Joni Mitchells "A Case Of You" und Burt Bacharachs "The Look Of Love" ganz neue Seiten ab. Oder um es mit Sir Elton John zu sagen: "Sie nimmt Songs, die man von tausenden von Sängern eine Million Mal zuvor gehört hat, und doch ist es so, als würde man sie zum ersten Mal hören."

Harald Kepler - Amazon.de

Reigning jazz songstress Diana Krall was filmed at the Paris Olympia during her 2001 tour for a concert video titled Diana Krall: Live in Paris, and this accompanying album - albeit with fewer songs - will be welcomed by those who prefer hearing music to watching it. Krall, at the piano as well as microphone, is backed by a core combo of guitarist Anthony Wilson, bassist John Clayton, and drummer Jeff Hamilton.

A breezy introduction of "I Love Being Here with You" sets the hard-swinging pace, accented by Wilson's sinuously resonant, hollow-bodied licks behind Krall's vocals -- which can suggest a Shirley Horn-ish tone. On her breathy, languidly down-tempo version of "I've Got You Under My Skin," Krall is joined by the Orchestre Symphonique Europeen under the baton of pianist/arranger Alan Broadbent (and on "Let's Fall in Love," too).

She lays down a rumbling intro to Bob Dorough's latter-day standard "Devil May Care," then revs it up for high-flying guitar and piano solos, and adds a lightly Brazilianized beat to the Bacharach/David hit "The Look of Love," which she delivers in an aching, lower-register moan. She's accompanied solely by her piano for a memorably understated, nearly tempo-free encore take of "A Case of You," penned by fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell.

Eleven concert cuts are topped off by a bonus studio track of "Just the Way You Are," a fairly straightforward version of the '70s Billy Joel hit that features Krall on Fender Rhodes, Michael Brecker on tenor sax, and a mix that includes some unexpected electronic sounds. With that final cut, Krall takes a sharply different tack from the preceding material, showing an alternative side of an artist who -- despite her traditional jazz successes -- can still move in unexpected directions.

Drew Wheeler - October 1, 2002
CDNOW Senior Editor, Vocal-Instrumental
Copyright © 1994-2002 CDnow Online, Inc. All rights reserved.

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