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 B i o g r a p h y

Swedish band Jono consists of five  musicians, living on the island of Gotland.

Johan Norrby - Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Johan Carlgren - Piano, Keyboards
Stefan Helleblad - Guitar
Nicka Hellenberg - Drums
Janne Henriksson - Bass
Leo Olsson - Guitar
JONO started as a solo project of singer Johan Norrby (hence the moniker ”JoNo”), some 10-15 years ago. A record was made and released in 2006, involving some of the members of today’s band setting. JONO as a band started out at that point and has carried on ever since.
Singer and songwriter Johan Norrby has been singing, writing and playing music in countless bands and projects for years and years – which very much goes for all of the guys in the band. The guitarist, Stefan Helleblad, is also a member of Dutch symphonic rockstars Within Temptation. The drummer Nicka Hellenberg played all the drums on Within Temptation's album "The Unforgiving" and is involved in several band settings and recordings. Both keyboard player Johan Carlgren and bass player Janne Henriksson are frequently hired for both live and studio sessions.
JONO’s music is hard to pinpoint. Maybe best described as symphonic rock with strong melodies. The band’s music has been compared to great artists like Queen, Supertramp, Saga, Kansas, Muse, among many others. But JONO’s sound is unique – a sound, which also have been developed over time.
Official site: www.jonotheband.com

 A l b u m s

Requiem (Musicano Records, 2013)
Silence (Jono Music, 2015)