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 B i o g r a p h y

Atom Heart's and Bernd Friedmann's Flanger project is produced by the combination of traditional jazz elements with experimental filtering and editing techniques. For the 1999 album Templates, Flanger used drums, bass, piano, and vibraphone, then put the product through their own editing process with the end product of unrecognizable instruments. The June 1999 release was hosted by the well-respected Ninja Tune Records, home of artists including Kid Koala, DJ Food, and Funki Porcini. Midnight Sound followed in fall 2000.

Diana Potts, All Music Guide

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Flanger is:
- Atom Heartâ„¢ playing Rhodes, Motion Bass/ Programming
- Burnt Friedman playing Gretsch Drums, Percussion/ Programming

The Flanger project was founded in 1998 by Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart) and Bernd Friedmann (aka Burnt Friedman), who have both been active in the music business since the early 1990s.The two musicians met up to program their first album "Templates" in Santiago de Chile in 1998.Their musical goal was to generate their own vision of non-repetitive,organic and extremely complex music that is far removed from the well-trodden paths of techno and other established styles of so-called contemporary music. "Templates" was released the following year on Ntone/Ninja Tune,together with separate 12-inch pressings of several tracks. The success of this debut album convinced Flanger to do a second LP,which was recorded in Santiago de Chile, in March 1999. Entitled "Midnight Sound", this was released on Ntone/Ninja Tune November 2000. The release of "Midnight Sound"prompted Uwe Schmidt and Bernd Friedmann, who are renowned for their very special shows, to consider the idea of live Flanger presentations.

Although their Fall 2001 Tour was recently postponed, they are still planning a series of live appearances around the world.

 A l b u m s

Midnight Sound (Ntone Records, 2000)
Outer Space / Inner Space (Ntone Records, 2000)