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Celtic Ensemble

 B i o g r a p h y

The Celtic Ensemble class molds together instruments and singers into a Celtic band, culminating in a performance in the Eugene community. They learn Gaelic waulking songs, port-a-beul, Welsh airs, Irish jigs and reels. All instruments are welcome, especially fiddle, flute, guitar, and harp. This is also an opportunity to learn to play a traditional instrument, like concertina, bodhran, or penny-whistle.

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Celtic music is a broad grouping of musical genres that evolved out of the folk musical traditions of the Celtic peoples of Western Europe. The term Celtic music may refer to both orally-transmitted traditional music and recorded popular music some with only a superficial resemblance to folk styles of the Celtic peoples, some in a serious work to bring the originalities of the celtic traditions into the modern world.

Celtic music means two things mainly. The first: the music of the peoples calling themselves Celts (a non-musicologistic definition which we can compare with French music, European music). The second: what is shared only by the musics of the Celtic Nations (a musical definition).We see further that some consider there is nothing, some others say there is (as Alan Stivell).

Often, the term Celtic music is applied to the music of Ireland and Scotland, because both places have produced well-known distinctive styles which actually have genuine commonality and clear mutual influences. They are famous too because of the importance of Irish and Scottish ascendants in the English speaking world. The music of Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany, Northumbria and Galicia are also frequently considered a part of Celtic music, the Celtic tradition being particularly strong in Brittany, where Celtic festivals large and small take place throughout the year and because of Alan Stivell's recordings and tours. Finally, the music of ethnically Celtic peoples abroad are also considered, especially in Canada and the United States.

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Celtic Moods (Disky Records, 2001)