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Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie:
Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie

 A l b u m   D e t a i l s

Label: East West Records
Released: 2017.06.09
Category: Pop/Rock
Producer(s): Lindsey Buckingham, Mitchell Froom, Mark Needham
Media type: CD
Web address: www.buckinghammcvie.com
Appears with: Fleeetwood Mac
Purchase date: 2017
Price in €: 1,00

 S o n g s ,   T r a c k s

[1] Sleeping Around the Corner [lead vocals: Buckingham] (L.Buckingham) - 3:48
[2] Feel About You [lead vocals: C. McVie] (Ch.McVie/L.Buckingham/M.Needham) - 3:28
[3] In My World [lead vocals: Buckingham] (L.Buckingham/M.Froom) - 4:25
[4] Red Sun [lead vocals: C. McVie] (Ch.McVie/L.Buckingham/M.Needham) - 3:15
[5] Love Is Here to Stay [lead vocals: Buckingham] (L.Buckingham) - 4:25
[6] Too Far Gone [lead vocals: C. McVie] (Ch.McVie/L.Buckingham/M.Needham) - 3:21
[7] Lay Down for Free [lead vocals: Buckingham] (L.Buckingham/M.Froom) - 3:56
[8] Game of Pretend [lead vocals: C. McVie] (Ch.McVie/L.Buckingham/M.Needham) - 4:34
[9] On with the Show [lead vocals: Buckingham] (L.Buckingham/M.Froom) - 3:47
[10] Carnival Begin [lead vocals: C. McVie] (Ch.McVie/L.Buckingham/M.Needham) - 4:40

 A r t i s t s ,   P e r s o n n e l

Lindsey Buckingham - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Engineer, Producer
Christine McVie - Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Rhodes, Vocals

Mick Fleetwood - drums, percussion
John McVie - Bass Guitar, Producer
Mitchell Froom - Keyboards, Producer

Mark Needham - Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Co-Producer on [2,4,6,8,20]
David Boucher - Engineer
Ben O'Neil - Engineer
Stephen Marcussen - Mastering
Stewart Whitmore - Mastering
Jeri Heiden - Design
John Russo - Photography
Irving Azoff - Management
Blain Clausen - Management
Adam Flick - Management
Carl Stubner - Management
Martin Wyatt - Management
Todd Bozick - Project Manager

 C o m m e n t s ,   N o t e s

CD 2017 Atlantic / East West / Rhino 9029582831
LP 2017East West / Rhino 9029582830

Recorded between 2014-2017 at The Village Recorder.

Well, here's an album nobody thought would happen – the first-ever collabo from Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie. It's full of surprises, considering we've all spent years already listening in on both their private worlds. But these two Fleetwood Mac legends have their own kinky chemistry. When McVie jumped back in the game for the Mac's last tour, the songbird regained her hunger to write. And Buckingham remains one of the all-time great rock & roll crackpots, from his obsessively precise guitar to his seething vocals. They bring out something impressively nasty in each other, trading off songs in the mode of 1982's Mirage – California sunshine on the surface, but with a heart of darkness.

So we've made it to the second paragraph of this review without mentioning any other members of Fleetwood Mac. That's an achievement, right? We should feel good about that. So now let's discuss how weird it feels that a certain pair of platform boots was not twirling on the studio floor while this album was being made. Stevie Nicks is the unspoken presence on this album, the lightning you can hear not striking. There's something strange about hearing Lindsey and Christine team up without her, but that just enhances the album's strange impact. This would have been the next Mac album, except Stevie didn't want in. It sounds like that might have fired up her Mac-mates' competitive edge – but for whatever reason, these are the toughest songs Buckingham or McVie have sung in years.

"In My World" is the treasure here – Lindsey digs into his favorite topic, demented love, murmuring a thorny melody and reprising the male/female sex grunts from "Big Love." In gems like "Sleeping Around the Corner" and the finger-picking "Love Is Here to Stay," he's on top of his game, with all the negative mojo he displayed in Tusk or his solo classic Go Insane. McVie is usually the optimistic one, but she seizes the opportunity to go dark in "Red Sun." And what a rhythm section – Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, cooking up the instantly recognizable groove no other band has found a way to duplicate. Everything about this album is a little off-kilter, right down to the way the title echoes the pre-Mac Buckingham Nicks. But if this had turned out to be a proper Fleetwood Mac reunion album, that would've felt like a happy ending – and who wants happy endings from these guys? Instead, it's another memorable chapter in rock's longest-running soap opera, with both Lindsey and Christine thriving on the dysfunctional vibes.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Rob Sheffield - June 8, 2017
© Rolling Stone 2017

Christine McVie rejoined Fleetwood Mac in 2013 after a 16-year absence. In the aftermath, the classic Rumours quintet - McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood - were readying the ground to record for the first time since 1987. Nicks, however, despite public affirmations that she was on board, bailed to pursue her solo work, creating the kind of melodrama that has made Fleetwood Mac one of pop's most dysfunctional outfits. Buckingham and McVie had already written songs for the band project - together and separately - and decided to complete the record anyway with the rhythm section. Four-fifths of Fleetwood Mac albums have appeared before to very mixed results. While this set falls prey to that a bit given Nicks' absence, the end result remains quite positive and, with more time, this version of the band could continue with great success.
The set commences with three absolute knockouts. Buckingham's opener "Sleeping Around the Corner" first appeared as a bonus track on his Seeds We Sow, but this rework is better; it's steeped in the melodic signature he's so effectively employed with Fleetwood Mac as traces of early rock harmonies are wed to slightly wonky rhythm and keyboard charts, joined to a killer new bridge and refrain. It's followed by "Feel About You," one of the pair's three co-writes. Framed by a marimba and John McVie's bassline, its Caribbean flavor is offset by a doo wop-esque lyric line behind Christine's breezy vocal - that still offers more than a hint of ache in its grain. Buckingham's "In My World" combines Tusk's production flare with the breathy call-and-response vocal moans from Tango in the Night's "Big Love." The glorious sun-kissed pop of McVie's "Red Sun" is gorgeously crafted. It contains a stacked vocal hook that makes us forget about Nicks altogether. Buckingham's "Love Is Here to Stay" sounds more like something off one of his solo albums, but it's a gorgeous song and the interplay of voices in the backdrop embraces the whole band. The jointly composed "Too Far Gone" is a funky, love-it-or-hate-it track. Its big funky riff stands at odds with McVie's vocal. But more than this, it contains Buckingham's maddening trademark production excess that employs big tribal drum breakdowns that disrupt everything. Likewise, McVie's "Game of Pretend" is a syrupy and uncharacteristically clumsy ballad that drags on far longer than it should and feels like filler. Her closer, "Carnival Begins," is far more successful. It's mercurial, dreamy, and actually recalls the Bob Welch-era Fleetwood Mac that delivered "Mystified." Buckingham's screaming guitar break at the end, however, reconciles it to the band's current sonic sphere. While Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie isn't perfect - and it was smart not to bill this effort as a Fleetwood Mac record - it's far better than expected, and indeed, they should have made it happen long ago. While you can never tell what might happen with this crew, one can only hope that this pair teams up again soon.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Thom Jurek - All Music Guide

Fleetwood Mac’s last masterpiece, Tango in the Night, relied heavily on Buckingham/McVie compositions, with the group’s third great songwriter, Stevie Nicks, generally absent. Now that McVie and Buckingham are back together in the touring Mac band for the first time since 1997, they’ve reunited in the studio for this succinct collection of gentle pop-rockers, familiar yet far more strange and beautiful than 2013’s brittle Fleetwood Mac EP. Buckingham’s spidery guitar shivers through Love Is Here to Stay and slays the solo on Carnival Begin, while McVie’s undimmed gift for melody illuminates every song.

Rating: 5 / 5

Damien Morris - 11 June 2017
© 2017 Guardian News and Media Limited

While Fleetwood Mac has maintained its reputation over the years as a bona fide live legacy act, getting all five members into the studio has proven elusive. You’d have to go back three decades to 1987’s Tango In the Night to hear a recording that features Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine and John McVie and patriarchal drummer Mick Fleetwood all contributing as usual.

Nicks and Buckingham checked out during a couple of abysmal ’90s records, before the original members reunited for 1997’s live comeback The Dance. Christine McVie left the next year, contributing to only two tracks on 2003’s Say You Will, and settling down in the English countryside for the next decade. Her return in 2014 and, more importantly, her renewed love for the band she’d joined in 1970, brought on hopes of another studio comeback for the Mac. Instead, Nicks opted to release a solo record and tour without her bandmates. What fans didn’t know was that the seeds for what would become Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie had already been planted.

The new record is being touted as a duet between McVie and Buckingham, even though the rhythm section (or as Buckingham accurately states in the album’s accompanying 17-minute documentary, “the greatest rhythm section there is”) is made up of none other than John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. Their tightly wound rhythms are almost as recognizable as the record’s namesake harmonies, and the album is all the better for it.

This collection could easily be viewed as a proper Fleetwood Mac record (at least as Mac as anything they’ve done post-Tango), but it sounds like the two songwriters are liberated by not having the heavy baggage of that name around their necks. Sure, the light and hooky “Feel About You” and “Lay Down For Free” sound like they could have been yanked from Tango or Mirage (how could they not with all the Mac DNA floating around the room?), but songs like “In My World” and “Love Is Here To Stay” tap into Buckingham’s more brooding and introspective solo material.

And that’s where McVie’s contributions here—whether songwriting or vocal—really come into play. For one, no one sings like her—no one—and her lead vocals and harmonies bring a distinctive light to the album. McVie’s piano-driven “Game of Pretend” comes from the “Songbird” songbook, and her lead vocal on “Red Sun” is as soothing as a 70-degree afternoon. Her return to music is welcome; and for those who get swept up in the Buckingham-Nicks storyline, this record shines a light on the sometimes-unsung songwriter McVie.

In fact, this—what is essentially a Fleetwood Mac joint—probably won’t leave many listeners pining for Nicks’ contributions. That’s no slight on the witchy songstress, but a testament to how incredibly potent each of the three songwriters’ contributions has been over the past 42 years (1979’s Tusk was essentially three solo records trapped inside one coke-fueled double LP). Lyrically, Buckingham-McVie isn’t nearly as caustic or wistful as the band’s ’70s material, but the songcraft is still there all these years later. And this is one hell of a coming-out-of-retirement party for Christine McVie.

Mark Lore - June 9, 2017
© 2017 PasteMagazine.com

Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie (also referred to as simply Buckingham/McVie) is a studio album by Fleetwood Mac vocalists Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, released on June 9, 2017. Four of the five members of Fleetwood Mac are featured in the album, with contributions from drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie. Vocalist Stevie Nicks is the sole member absent in the album. The album sold over 22,000 units in the US in its first week and debuted within the top 20. It proved to be even more successful in the UK, where it debuted within the top 5.

On March 24, 2017, McVie announced the duo's album would be released on June 9, 2017. McVie also stated the album would be available for purchase on "iTunes and vinyl – it will be available everywhere". "In My World" was also released as a single on April 14 through streaming and digital services. While the single failed to make the UK Top 100, it did reach #86 on the sales chart. Both the album's second and third single, "Red Sun" and "Feel About You", have also received modest airplay.

On April 11, a 14-date North American tour was announced. The setlist includes eight of the album's ten tracks, as well as a couple Buckingham solo cuts. Their performance in Woodinville, Washington will take place just three days after Fleetwood Mac's joint performance with Earth, Wind & Fire and Journey at Classic West. They will tour alongside alternative rock band The Wallflowers for select dates. "In My World" was also performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Some additional North American shows have also been added in August, including one in Los Angeles and another in New York City. The band also announced a second North American leg beginning in October, which will include 22 shows. More tour dates may be added, including a possible leg in Europe.

At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received a score of 72, based on 20 reviews. Thom Jurek of AllMusic singled out the first three songs as "absolute knockouts". He labeled "Red Sun", Love Is Here to Stay", and "Carnival Begin" as the other standouts.

The album debuted at No. 17 on Billboard 200 with 23,000 equivalent album units, 22,000 of which were in traditional album sales. The chart ranking is higher than either of the two artists' solo projects. UK sales racked up over 19,000 units, which was enough to vault the album to the #5 spot.


Gut Ding will Weile haben: Mehr als vierzig Jahre sind LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM und CHRISTINE McVIE ein Team bei Fleetwood Mac, nun haben sie sich zum ersten Mal zu zweit zusammengetan, um ein gemeinsames Album m also Duo aufzunehmen!
Die intensivere Zusammenarbeit im Duo begann vor etwa drei Jahren, als McVIE für die On With The Show-Tour zu Fleetwood Mac zurückkehrte. Schon vor den Probesessions für die Tour waren BUCKINGHAM und McVIE ins Studio gegangen, um neues Material aufzunehmen, und prompt hatte die kreative Chemie zwischen beiden wieder eingesetzt. Die Sessions zu dem Album fanden in den The Village Studios in Los Angeles statt, wo Fleetwood Mac übrigens auch einige ihrer Klassiker, etwa Tusk, aufgenommen haben. Bei den Aufnahmen wurden McVIE und BUCKINGHAM von ihren Bandkollegen Mick Fleetwood und John McVie unterstützt, die viel zur dynamischen „Rhythmusmaschine“ beigetragen haben.



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