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Brotherhood of Man

 B i o g r a p h y

This pop vocal group was formed in London in 1969 by songwriter Tony Hiller. The lead singer was Tony Burrows, veteran of such groups as the Ivy League, the Flowerpot Men and Edison Lighthouse. The group's first success was Hiller's "United We Stand", a UK Top 10 hit in 1970. Burrows left soon afterwards and, with a changing personnel, the group continued to record for Deram Records and Dawn in the early 70s, but its career only revived when it was chosen to represent the UK in the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest.

Appearing as an Abba-inspired male/female quartet comprising Martin Lee, Lee Sheridan, Sandra Stevens and Nicky Stevens, Brotherhood Of Man's breezy rendition of "Save Your Kisses For Me" won the competition and became an international hit, even reaching the Top 30 in America.

The group followed with a series of UK successes including the number 1 hits, "Angelo" and "Figaro", co-written by Hiller with Lee and Sheridan. Thereafter, their popularity dwindled and by the 80s Brotherhood Of Man was relegated to the lucrative though uninspiring scampi-and-chips nightclub circuit, although "Lightning Flash" in 1982 was a minor hit.

The Members:

    * Nicky Stevens (born 3 December 1951, in Carmarthen, Wales).
    * Sandra Stevens (23 November 1949, in Leeds, Yorkshire).
    * Martin Lee (26 November 1949, in Surrey).
    * Lee Sheriden (11 April 1949, in Bristol).

 A l b u m s

United We Stand (Deram Records, 1970)
Greatest Hits (Elap Music, 1999)