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Black Blood

 B i o g r a p h y

Black Blood was an afrobeat/funk/soul/disco outfit formed by expatriate African musicians in Brussels, Belgium in the mid-70's. They performed in local clubs, were sighted by a record label executive, cut a few singles and LPs (1975's Chicano arguably being their strongest work) and appear to have vanished into thin air afterwards.

This African band called Black Blood was performing in a club in Brussels, Belgium when producer Jean Kluger (Roland Klugers older brother, who produced Sail-Joia ao.) heard them. He offered them a record deal and cut this single with them. At first, the song Marie-Therese was the a-side. The song 'A.I.E.' was just another version of a song Kluger had recorded with the Yamasuki's. When it came out, radio's were playing A.I.E. and it was a hit, so it was put on the a-side on later pressings. Now, about the music: A.I.E. starts off with a drumbreak filled with percussion sounds, right before the catchy melody comes in. The vocals are african shouts. Chicano is one of their's best work in my opinion. It contains their great downtempo funk track 'Avenue Louise' and the catchy breakbeat track 'AIE', which are both available on 45, but it also has the hypnotic Afrobeat track Jesus Wa-Basungu on it. Produced by Ralph Benatar and Jean Kluger.

 A l b u m s

Chicano (Warner Bros. Records, 1975)