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Laurie Anderson

 B i o g r a p h y

Called "America's multi-mediatrix" by Wired magazine and a "modern renaissance artist and agent provocateur" by Philadelphia Daily News, Laurie Anderson (born 1947 in Chicago, Illinois) is—in her work as a performance artist as well as musician, poet, writer, and visual artist—one of the most important artists of the later 20th century.

Laurie Anderson graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, in Art History from Barnard College in 1969. In 1972 she received an M.F.A. in sculpture from Columbia University. During the mid 1970s she toured extensively, presenting her work in alternative performance spaces throughout the United States and building a dedicated following. During 1983 she performed her United States in the United States and Europe, and in 1986 released the film Home of the Brave. In 1987 she received an Honorary Doctorate from Philadelphia College of the Arts, and in 1996 received honorary degrees from Cal Arts and the Pratt Institute. In 1994 HarperPerennial published Ms. Anderson's Stories from The Nerve Bible, and the early 1990s saw her present The Nerve Bible in performance throughout the United States and Europe.

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Laurie Anderson was born in Chicago in 1947. One of eight children, she studied the violin and, while growing up, played in the Chicago Youth Symphony. She graduated in 1969 from Barnard College in New York, and went on to study at Columbia University, working toward a graduate degree in sculpture. The art scene of the early 1970s fostered an experimental attitude among many young artists in downtown New York that attracted Anderson, and some of her earliest performances as a young artist took place on the street or in informal art spaces. In the most memorable of these, she stood on a block of ice, playing her violin while wearing her ice skates. When the ice melted, the performance ended. Since that time, Anderson has gone on to create large-scale theatrical works which combine a variety of media - music, video, storytelling, projected imagery, sculpture - in which she is an electrifying performer. As a visual artist, her work has been shown at the Guggenheim Museum in SoHo, New York, as well as extensively in Europe, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. She has also released seven albums for Warner Bros., including Big Science, featuring the song "O Superman," which rose to number two on the British pop charts. In 1999, she staged "Songs and Stories From Moby Dick," an interpretation of Herman Melville's 1851 novel. She lives in New York.

Homepage: www.laurieanderson.com

 A l b u m s

You're The Guy I Want to Share My Money With (East Side Digital, 1981)
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Mister Heartbreak (Warner Bros., 1983)
Home of the Brave (Warner Bros., 1986)
Strange Angels (Warner Bros., 1989)
Bright Red (Warner Bros., 1994)
Ugly One with the Jewels and Other Stories (Warner Bros., 1995)
Life on a String (Nonesuch/Elektra Records, 2001)
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