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Ambassade Orchester Wien

 B i o g r a p h y

„I am really surprised how this project developed”, says Michael Buchmann, a member of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, in an interview. “We just wanted to found a small, courageous, and unconventional orchestra and suddenly we were on tour in Dubai with one of the most famous tenors in the world, José Carreras”.

The story of the “Young Wilds of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra” (authored by Josef Rietvelt, Kurier, Newspaper) started during the Johann Strauss Anniversary year of 1999.

Michael Buchmann and Alexander Kaspar, manager of the ensemble, had the idea to emphasize the entertaining element of classical music in an informal, but highly professional style.

“… and because of that we founded the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna, recorded a CD- Leichtes Blut – and after a couple of concerts in Austria, we went on tour to South America.”

What awaited the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna there was indescribable.

Up to 12,000 people attended each concert, the audience cheered wildly, and for hours the orchestra had to write autographs and even items the musicians threw away, got retrieved by fans as souvenirs. In South America, the orchestra experienced conditions similar to the celebrity status of the Rolling Stones. Because of the huge interest from the people of Uruguay in the orchestra, television stations and newspapers reported daily on the artists’ private life and recorded the enormous enthusiasm of the audience during the 24 open air concerts. Also, the ORF (the largest Austrian television station) accompanied the orchestra through Uruguay. The repertoire stretched from Mozart and Brahms to the Strauß family. But the highlights of the program were always the tango “La Cumparsita” and the self-composed piece “Uruguay”. Boom!

There was a special newspaper headline due to a domestic flight. A couple of minutes after the musicians left the airplane at the Salto/Uruguay Airport, the plane exploded and was completely destroyed. Soon wild speculations were made as to the reason of the explosion and for the following concerts the orchestra was escorted by the police.


 A l b u m s

Niemand glaubt (Ambassade, 2002)